Help those still affected by COVID-19

COVID-19 may have turned our lives upside down, but it won’t stop us helping others.

The words Birmingham In This Together over an image of a woman smiling at a friend through a rainbow painted on a windowWhen COVID-19 first hit, the University community took rapid action. Alumni supported hundreds of students who were hit particularly hard by the loss of part-time jobs, researchers helped create the first ‘lighthouse labs’ to process COVID-19 tests, students delivered food and medicines to people who had to isolate – and so much more.

Now we are looking at the long term impact on our health, our work and our education. Three areas of COVID-19 research are happening right now thanks to the support of alumni and friends: 

  • Understanding COVID-19 antibodies and Long COVID; many alumni, including Adam Jones (BComm, 1990), have funded a new PhD student to support Professor Alex Richter’s work 
  • Research into the use of technology to ensure everyone has access to learn remotely during the pandemic, funded by Kathleen Chew (LLB, 1981; DUniv, 2019)  
  • A new dentistry PhD studentship to explore the implications of COVID-19 on the profession, funded by a dentistry graduate 

COVID-19 has had an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives, including our mental health, the workplace and the economy. There are millions of people still living with long covid with no cure or end date in sight; the best doctors can currently do is help them manage the symptoms.

Support our global health work, including COVID-19, treating cancer, improving surgery around the world, better maternal health care and tackling infectious diseases, through a gift starting at £5 a month, or get in touch about making a larger gift to fund PhD research into a key area you are passionate about.

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