Help more talented young people become world-changing engineers

Give more people the chance to help build a better future

Engineers and scientists can revolutionise the world – but only if they can get the right education. Every year, 69,000 jobs for engineers and skilled technicians in the UK go unfilled, while those with the potential to help create a greener, healthier world don't get the chance to attend university.

EPS FuturesThe UK does not have enough engineers, and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) sector does not have enough insights from women or people from low income backgrounds. One problem can solve the other. If we support young people who might otherwise not have the chance to study at university, they can fulfil their own potential while also tackling key challenges that affect us all, from engineering better medicines, to creating affordable solar power.

You can break down the practical barriers that prevent young people studying science and engineering

By the time an 18 year old starts questioning how everyday technology like their phone works, they may have already chosen A-Levels that would not qualify them to study engineering or science at university. Those from low-income backgrounds cannot afford extra years to restart their A-Levels, and women may have been dissuaded from studying sciences. Birmingham's pilot Foundation Year in STEM (EPS Futures), the first of its kind, helps bridge the gap. Your gift of time or money will help provide mentoring, funding for living costs, accommodation and fees, plus practical work experience.

Dan-CottleLecturer Dan Cottle needs support to help young people

'I believe this programme is a unique and innovative idea. It will overcome some of the barriers that prevent socially or economically disadvantaged young people from studying engineering and physical science at the University of Birmingham.'

Make a donation

You can help young people with high potential become the engineers and scientists we urgently need, through a gift to the STEM Foundation Year programme. To start a conversation, please email

Give time

Students from low participation backgrounds often don't ask for help when they need it. You can mentor a student, or offer an internship so students can see first-hand where science/engineering could take them.

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