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Fundraise for us

By fundraising for us you can help make sure students and researchers with brilliant ideas can turn them into reality

From sponsored fun runs, to completing lifetime challenges or hosting bake sales - every bit of money you raise is helping turn pioneering research into life-changing solutions and ensuring young peoples futures are not held back by their circumstances.

Remember, whether your fundraising target is £50 or £1,000, you’re making a real difference. 

I want to Fundraise for Birmingham 

Meet the students who are able fulfil their dreams of study thanks to fundraisers like you, and the researchers whose work will benefit people around the world because of the support and generosity of our alumni community.

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Your 6 simple steps to start fundraising 

1.     Choose an activity to do
From a quiz night to a running or cycling challenge, there are many ways you could raise funds. Keep it simple - turn your skills and hobbies into a fundraising challenge or competition.

2.      Pick a time and place
Choose your place and time for the fundraising event you’re planning. If you’re getting active with your fundraiser, like a sponsored walk or cycle, make sure to plan your route in advance.

3.      Set a fundraising target
A target can help motivate you and encourage your friends to donate. Decide on a realistic amount to raise and remember that no matter how much you fundraise, you’re making a real difference.

4.      Create Your Giving page
Just visit University of Birmingham - JustGiving, click “fundraise for us” and create your own personalised page with pictures, why you’re fundraising and any updates.

5.      Spread the word
Telling as many people as possible about your fundraising is vital and the best way is through your social media channels. Visual content is key, and video is especially useful, and you can get creative with hashtags.

Create your Just Giving Page now

We’re here to support you If you need any more help or ideas please in how to fundraise for us, please get in touch at 

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