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'A huge thank you for your generous gift.'

'You are helping to support some of the critical research that is taking place at Birmingham right now,' says Professor Paul Moss.

Paul Moss'You, your fellow alumni and friends of the University together raised over £200,000 through our emergency pandemic appeal last year. You are helping fund vital COVID-19 research into antibodies, transform education through digital technologies for those learning online, and investigate the virus transmission risk factors for dental care practitioners and staff.

'We opened a dedicated centre to help find new treatments for bladder cancer last November, thanks to donations from our alumni and friends. The Centre will work towards better diagnosis and treatments for the disease. I am also grateful for the generous gifts which supported my own research into immunotherapies to treat cancer.

'Very recently, two generous gifts have supported the work of Dr Anna Lavis on preventing suicide and self-harm, and will allow us to fund a PhD in brain tumour research. Your gifts are enabling us to continue our vital work, attract the best researchers, and continue our proud tradition of innovation. Without you, none of it would be achievable.

'Below you can hear from my fellow researchers Professor Alex Richter on her COVID-19 work, Dr Anna Lavis on her mental health work and Professor David Hannah on his environment research.' 

Professor Paul Moss, Deputy Head of College of Medical and Dental Sciences 

Professor Alex Richter

Professor Alex Richter

“During the pandemic, my team has been working to develop a COVID-19 antibody test, to improve detection in individuals with mild symptoms. The generosity of alumni and friends means we can recruit a PhD student to the team, who will investigate the development of COVID-19 antibodies and how this may be contributing to long COVID.”

Dr Anna Lavis

Dr Anna Lavis

“My programme of research aims to redefine how we understand the relationship between social media and young people‚Äôs mental health in the UK. Thanks to a generous pledge, I hope to map five interconnected areas of online content - self-harm and suicide; depression; anxiety; body image and eating disorders. Working in partnership with the Institute for Mental Health Youth Advisory Group, the project aims to offer actionable intelligence to tackle online harms and harness benefits.”

100% of your gift goes to your chosen cause; together, alumni and friends have given or pledged £6,935,563 since August 2018 to support researchers' vital work 

Professor David Hannah

Professor David Hannah

“Philanthropic gifts like yours are supporting our research into the environment. We have discovered new ways in which trees are protecting us from climate change, developed six recommendations for how introducing vegetation in towns and cities can help reduce urban air pollution, and collected water samples to evidence the levels of plastic and other pollution in our rivers. Our water research is helping those in developing countries who are affected by the pandemic. Hand washing can be a lifesaver, but only if you have clean water. Our work is highlighting how knowledge of water availability, quality and access can help us develop strategies that can make the biggest difference in combating the pandemic.”

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