Thank you for supporting students at Birmingham

'Your support is helping give many young people, including myself, the chance to achieve our potential.'

'I have always lived in Birmingham, so being able to come to the University has been a dream come true,' says Wasmin.

Wasmin Zarin'Like many other young people, I struggled with the huge jump from studying A-levels to becoming an undergraduate student. What could I expect? How would I commute? Would I be able to afford the resources needed for my course? These were some of my constant worries.

'Realising that there were people like you out there determined to help me succeed allayed my fears, boosted my confidence and gave me peace of mind. By supporting the University’s Pathways to Birmingham outreach programme – of which the Access to Birmingham scheme is a part – you have provided me with a scholarship that has enabled me to buy key reading materials for my course and to commute safely by car to and from campus during the pandemic.

'From me, and on behalf of all students who have benefitted from your generosity, thank you. This has been a very difficult 18 months, with all of us facing personal challenges, disrupted learning and anxieties about what the future holds. Your kindness is appreciated by each and every one of us, even more so now than ever before. Thank you; I hope one day I too can give back to my community as you have.

'Below you can hear from my fellow students Jade and Joshua, who have also been supported by the Access to Birmingham programme (now part of Pathways to Birmingham), see key numbers on your support and hear how vital your support has been during the pandemic.' 

Wasmin Zarin, second year BA English student and Access to Birmingham Scholar 

Jade Bourne

Jade Bourne

“The Access to Birmingham scheme has been invaluable in helping me bridge the gap between school and university. Being on the scheme has developed my skills and confidence in studying independently. The scholarship has helped me buy books, and a new laptop in second year when mine broke as well. I’m very grateful for all the financial support that has been provided.”

Joshua Dale

Joshua Dale

“I am sincerely grateful to all of you who have supported Access to Birmingham. The scholarship has allowed me to reach new heights in medicine that I did not know I could achieve. I have applied to work at hospitals within central Birmingham and I am hoping to work at City/Sandwell Hospital where I will train as a junior doctor. Given the current working landscape, it is a scary time to become a doctor, but I am ready for the challenge now. I am leaving University a much more confident, happy and directed man.”

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Emily Rozier

Emily Rozier

Head of Funding, Graduation and Awards

“The past year has been incredibly challenging. We have received a huge increase in the number of requests for support from students who need extra help due to financial difficulties. The pandemic meant that many of our students lost vital part-time jobs, or that family and sponsors were no longer able to provide financial support. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to fund many more students who may have otherwise had to leave University. Although the University increased its own hardship funding substantially, the level of support we have been able to offer over the past year would not have been possible without your help. Thank you so much for helping students at Birmingham during this difficult time. Your care has never been more needed to support disadvantaged students and give them the opportunity to succeed.”

Find out about further ways you can support students at Birmingham, including

  • Support young people who have been in care or who provide care for family members
  • Help bright young minds who want to be engineers or entrepreneurs
  • Share your expertise as a mentor or through an internship

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