How businesses can benefit

If you would like to know how we might be able to support your company, and how we have supported businesses like yours, contact our Research and Commercial Services.

This experienced team, many of whom have extensive careers in the commercial sector, manage our portfolio of business services and collaborative opportunities such as knowledge transfer partnerships. Research and Commercial Services can put local businesses in contact with the teams, or talented individuals within the University that have the knowledge, skills and research they may be looking for.

Alta Innovations Ltd is responsible for the University’s patenting, licensing and spin-off activities. Local businesses can contact Alta to investigate the latest developments and see whether they are exactly the tool or resource local businesses are looking for to expand their company or solve a complex problem.

Peter Lee, Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies: "The University employs 5,900 members of staff and for every one of those jobs, there is a second job in the local economy supported by spending attributable to the University."

It isn’t only our academic researchers that are of benefit to local businesses, our students also provide a rich source of employment opportunities and innovation, and have a significant economic impact on the region.

Our students alone are worth £347 million to the West Midlands region in terms of their expenditure and income while studying at the University. Some 44% of students are likely to take up their first job within the region and our Careers Service can help to link you up with the skilled graduates you need to work for you. Our Guild of Students also offers the opportunity to advertise for occasional part-time work in its Job Zone

Our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre encourages and promoted enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship not only among our staff and alumni but also our student community. We are constantly seeking partners to work with the University community’s latest ideas. Please visit the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre’s website for more information.