We are very pleased to welcome our Autumn cohort of Vanguard Fellows. We look forward to their research collaborations and contribution to our interdisciplinary research environment.

01: Dr Damilola Olawuyi: Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar
02: Dr Nic Geard: University of Melbourne, Australia
03: Dr Hans Koster: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
04: Dr Francisco Fernandez-Lima: Florida International University, USA
05: Dr Wenjun Xu: Wuhan University of Technology, China
Nominations are now open for our Spring 2019 Vanguard cohort. Promoting different and new ways of thinking about problems lies at the heart of the IAS mission. Diversity of thought comes in part from diversity of experiences and cultures. Therefore, we challenge colleagues to nominate researchers in the early stages of their independent careers from a diverse range of backgrounds, and particularly welcome the nomination of women and people from minority ethnic groups as visiting fellows to share knowledge and establish long-term collaborations.
Full details and deadlines
IAS Creative Fellow Caroline Devine's new installation opens this month. Her sound intervention accompanies a collection of nineteenth-century Indian classical instruments in the South Asia Gallery at the Victoria and Albert museum. She is also continuing to work in response to the TESS mission and launch in collaboration with Professor Bill Chaplin.
Institute of Advanced Studies Internal Funding Programmes
IAS has a range of funding programmes designed to support and develop colleagues’ cross-disciplinary research ideas, longer term projects and collaborations with world-leading academics. If you are interested in making proposals, or have any questions, please visit our website for more information about all our programmes and support.
IAS Workshops
Distinguished Visiting Fellows Programme
IAS Vanguard Fellowship programme
Research Investment Scheme
Konstanz University UBIAS Network Fellowships
Early career researchers from any member of the UBIAS network [including the University of Birmingham] are invited to apply for a Research Visit at the Zukunftskolleg. The aim is to engage in a research project at the University of Konstanz for up to three months, ideally in collaboration with a Zukunftskolleg fellow. No limitation is placed on the area of research and interdisciplinary study is encouraged.
ZiF Cooperation Groups 2019/20 Fellowships
Zif logo
ZiF, Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Bielefeld University, Germany ZiF Cooperation Groups (CGs) are concerned with interdisciplinary research projects and spend a short to medium period of time for one continuous or several compact research visits to the ZiF. Read more about the Cooperation Group fellowships and how to apply
Applications are now open for MWK-Fellows COFUND International Fellowship Programme
The Max Weber Centre’s ‘Weberian’ research programme combines historical, comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives with an interest in normative issues in the social sciences. Within its fellowship programme ‘MWK-FELLOWS’ the Max-Weber-Kolleg offers 10 Fellowships for experienced researchers. Deadline: 1 October 2018.
Full details here.
Upcoming Workshops and Events
10 September

The IAS Introduction to inter-continental academia (ICA): global networks and interdisciplinary research

Panel: Dr Alastair Wilson (Philosophy), Dr David Gange (History), Dr Irina Kuznetsova (Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences), Dr Katrien Pype (African Studies and Anthropology), Professor Mike Hannon (Director, IAS)

Part of the Birmingham New Horizons 2018 Research Conference, the panel will reflect on the approaches, challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinary work in the unique model of the ICA.
19 September

New Advances in Biological Mass Spectrometry

Speaker: Dr Francisco Fernandez-Lima, IAS Vanguard Fellow, Florida International University.

Dr Francisco Fernandez-Lima will be speaking at the Second Symposium on New Advances in Biological Mass Spectrometry, alongside Prof Malcolm Clench, Dr Aneika Leney, Dr Emmanuelle Claude, and Dr Jenny Ho. To book a place please email Dr Rian Griffiths
Greg Salter
8 November

Representing Home: Art, Visual Culture, and the Interdisciplinary Study of Home

Workshop Leader: Dr Greg Salter, School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

As debates around home continue to feel distinctly vital, this workshop will bring together researchers working on questions of home across a range of disciplines to explore and exchange ideas on how art and visual culture might be a focus for interdisciplinary work in this area.
20 November

Children’s Engagement with Digital Technologies: Implications for Health and Wellbeing

Workshop Leaders: Prof Peter Kraftl and Prof Julie Taylor and Dr Victoria Goodyear

This Children and Childhoods Network (CCN) workshop will explore intersections between two of CCN’s major research themes – technology, and health and wellbeing – with the aim of better understanding how to make the best of the university’s research strengths to address these clear global challenges.
Date TBC, December

Humour and Resilience in the Face of (everyday) Global Challenges

Workshop Leaders: Dr Laura Martin, History and Cultures, and Dr Stephen Forcer, Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music

Humour is universal; it has been fundamental to some of the greatest feats of human creativity and experience, from major works of culture to survival in concentration camps. This IAS workshop will discuss: How is humour understood and engaged with in different areas of study? How can humour be used to resist or alleviate live real-world problems?
5 December, 1–2pm

Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Development: Law and Governance Innovations for Integrated Decision-Making

Speaker: Dr Damilola Olawuyi, IAS Vanguard Fellow, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Without water, we cannot produce food and energy; and without energy, we cannot process or distribute food and water. This seminar presents on-going research on law and governance innovations for advancing integrated decision-making on WEF issues in Qatar and the Middle East. All our welcome to this IAS lunchtime seminar.
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