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Student Voices Banner BusinessFind out what it's like to be a student at the University of Birmingham Dubai studying on one of our Birmingham Business School programmes. 

Abdulkareem, BSc Business Management

Abdulkareem, BSc Business ManagementI chose the University of Birmingham Dubai because its reputation proceeds it and it’s a part of the Russell Group. I also really like the learning profile of my course and how it will develop me over the long run. My student experience has been great, the staff are welcoming and the teachers are engaging. When I first started I thought it would be hard to transition from school to university, but the staff and academics made it so easy to adapt to the university environment.

My favourite thing about UOB is the opportunity they give students to engage in real life situations; for example in our group projects about Marks and Spencer or the UN stainable Development Goals we’re given different team roles which helps to develop much needed skills we’ll use in our future careers.

My future career aspirations is to develop a start-up company; learning about organisations and marketing is helping me develop the skills necessary to start my own business

Anastasia, Business Foundation Programme

Anastasia BykovskayaI chose University of Birmingham because the course appealed to me and because of the university’s reputation and ranking.

What has your experience been like on your degree programme?

My experience at UoB has been great, the professors were very supportive, and the facilities have helped me to achieve my best in all of my classes.

What has your student experience been like at UoB Dubai?

I was nervous at the start for my first year of university, but the staff made it much easier to settle with welcome week activities and I had great classmates. The campus is also great because there is plenty do to in-between classes such as different events.

What advice would you give to a prospective applicant?

At the very start of your programme, take notes during lectures. Go over everything at the end of your class and make sure you understand. This will help you be less stressed out during the exams.

What are your career aspirations? 

My programme has helped me realise that I have enjoyed the law aspect of the course the most, and I want to become a lawyer in the future.

Danielle, BSc Economics

danielle shonibareStudying at UoB Dubai allows me the benefits of attending a leading institution, alongside living in an exciting city like Dubai.

As an economics major, there are several ways the economy of the UAE- and specifically Dubai- is an interesting one. I can therefore put  the theoretical knowledge I gain in lectures into a new and exciting form by looking at the economy of Dubai.

What has your experience been like on your degree programme? 

The BSc Economics program at the Dubai campus is taught by professors with the same level of experience and passion as those in the Edgbaston campus. Being a British institution, much of our learning and case studies lean towards the UK economy, but professors are always ready to include case studies and examples on the UAE in order to improve our understanding by using direct examples. This goes to show how dedicated they are in ensuring we understand each module!

Additionally, there has been a lot to gain from having a small campus size: a lower student teacher ratio means that I have more time outside of contact hours to meet with professors individually, ask for feedback and have further discussions on modules taught, which has allowed me have a much better relationship with them.

What has your student experience been like at UoB Dubai?

The phrase that best describes the UoB Dubai campus is ‘close-knit’! A small campus size means that after the first semester, most faces are familiar and it’s easy to find your way around. Most students-when they aren’t at lectures- are in the same social spaces, which makes it much easier to socialise and meet new people!

There are several opportunities to socialise with my classmates outside of class, as our Economics department lead organises group socials to movies and dinners to allow us get to know each other as well as our fly-in lecturers before they return to the UK.

The staff and student leaders organise a variety of activities, from cultural events to mini pizza parties! On One World day, the student leaders organised an event that allowed students from various countries showcase their cultures with international dishes, activities and music to the entire Academic City community. I was able to be a part of this event by representing Nigeria; this opportunity to portray my country as well as learn about others’ goes to show how much UoB Dubai cares about each student’s individual identities and combining these to create a strong global community.

Have you recently moved to UAE? How have you settled in?  

I arrived in the UAE at the start of the academic year in October from Nigeria. The first few weeks here were the most difficult, as that’s when I found out how much household items really cost!

Other than that, UoB Dubai was the best place for me to leave the nest and fly into; the professors and other staff are not just there to do their jobs, but also to make you feel comfortable enough to express your thoughts and any worries you may have.

The accommodation suggested by the university was genuinely the best option as it is a community of university students from different universities and provides extra amenities that private apartments would not have, which made it easier to adapt to a new environment.

What advice would you give to a prospective applicant?

Find out as much information as you can about the university! If you’re like me and unable to visit because you live overseas or for any other reason, go online to the university’s website, join the virtual open days, stalk their social media pages, and find out more about living in Dubai also. The more you know, the more confident and ready you’ll feel to start in September.

What are your career aspirations?

The careers service is amazing! Coming to Dubai, I wasn’t sure how many opportunities I’d have to try out internships in various fields, but in just my first year I’ve taken part in two internships. Both were virtual internships with a British company called Evolve, and another called Gulf for Good, based in the UAE. Working virtually allowed me to work from anywhere and maintain contact with the rest of the team and the company through social media and virtual meeting apps.

Studying Economics leaves me with a lot of career options, and the careers service at UoB Dubai has allowed me explore that by offering opportunities in different professional fields. This past year I’ve really enjoyed working with both charitable organisations and hope to continue to discover more about my interests.

Tell us about your favourite aspect of UoB Dubai?

My favourite aspect of UoB Dubai is not just being able to make friends with my peers but also being able to socialise with professors and staff! I love that everyone is always in the mood for a laugh or conversation.

Hana, BSc Business Management

Hana KadousIt isn’t easy to get a quality UK degree outside the UK, so when I found out about UoB Dubai, I had to see what it was really like. I went to an open day and saw the campus, it was designed just like the Edgbaston campus and for some reason that’s when it clicked; this is the university I want to attend. This was of course paired with the qualifications of the university, its many achievements and it being part of the prestigious Russell Group.

I am currently studying for a bachelors in business management, and because of the versatile and flexible nature of the course it allows you to gain experience and understanding of all business aspects.

What has your experience been like on your degree programme? 

My first year’s experience has been positive and overall pleasant. The quality of teaching is like no other, having a flying faculty ensures that we have access to the same quality of teaching at the Edgbaston campus, with the extra support and help from being in smaller batches. As for the facilities, as students we had access to sporting facilities in a nearby university and being in DIAC helped as we had access to many places to eat, supermarkets and events. Lastly, the support offered by the university is great; having a wellbeing officer, a student services officer and all faculty members watching over you, creates a strong community and makes the university feel like a second home.

What has your student experience been like at UoB Dubai?

As a student here, it was great to know that I had access to a variety of activities outside of lectures. I got to be a member of the student council as the activities and employability officers. Being a student leader and getting the opportunity to organise and run events was the highlight of my academic year. I would recommend everyone to try and run for a position on the student council, because it really does help you build on yourself and settle into the university.

Being the first batch this university’s seen comes with its perks; we were a relatively small batch, so we all had the opportunity to get to know each other, across majors, ages and courses. We were a community.

Have you recently moved to UAE?

I didn’t have to move to get quality education, I had already settled in the UAE, and that was the biggest factor in deciding where I wanted to go for university.

What advice would you give to a prospective applicant?

COME AND VISIT THE CAMPUS! It was on my visit that I realised that this was the university I wanted to attend, the amount of effort and detail that went into creating this campus for us, paired with talking to faculty members and seeing that wall of achievements on the second floor, it really just does put everything in perspective. Also, do your research, and make sure you are prepared for your course, and even if you find some gaps, don’t worry the student services are there to help and ensure your time and your preparations for your course go pleasantly and smoothly.

What are your career aspirations?

Psychology has always interested me, but more specifically the psychology within organisations, organisational behaviour and just simply; people. Therefore, working in fields such as human recourses or as an organisational psychologist is where I aspire to be. My goal was to specialise during my Masters, but through this course I got an introduction to organisational psychology and human resources in my first year! I didn’t have to wait for my Masters, I had access to modules that allowed me to see and understand my aspirations in my first year, firmly affirming my passion for them and giving me the opportunity to visit organizations and see for myself how psychology and business work together.

Maybe, I could have had access to the same knowledge along the way, but it was UoB Dubai that provided it to me in only my first year.

Tell us about your favourite aspect of UoB Dubai?

My favourite aspect of UoB Dubai would definitely be Welcome Week. Welcome week is done differently every year, but the fun of it doesn’t change. There are many activities and events going on around campus, and it’s a warm welcome into your course and your university as a whole.                                     

Hanan, BSc Business Management

Hanan, BSc Business Management DubaiI chose to study Business Management because I would like to own my own business in the future and this is a good degree to give me a solid foundation in business and a holistic view of society

My student experience has been amazing! I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a lot of events and made lots of friends, it’s like home.

My favourite thing about the university is how internationally diverse the student body is; I get to learn new cultures from my friends and meet people from different nationalities.

Maida, BSc Business Management

Maida, BSc Business Management DubaiI chose to study BM to gain a strong academic knowledge of the subject and develop my entrepreneurial skills so I can put my ideas into action and enhance my capabilities in a more strategic way.

My primary reason for choosing the University of Birmingham was the world-class ranking. In addition, this region supports my future aspiration of developing a business in the tourism industry as we host millions of tourists from around the globe every year.

My favourite aspect of UoB Dubai is how the classes are conducted is very unique; in the very first term we had an extensive project on the UN Sustainable Development Goals combined with external visits which gave us a deeper understanding of our subject areas. Beyond the classroom the student body is very diverse and you get to meet people from around the globe; it’s a great way to socialise while studying.