Community Outreach

At the University of Birmingham, we believe in making our cutting-edge research and knowledge accessible to all. 

We have developed close relationships with a number of secondary schools and colleges to support and advance STEM education in the region. We deliver bespoke sessions for year 12 and 13 students to prepare them for the academic rigor of a computer science degree at university level. 

Examples of the workshops we deliver are:

Programming in Java

The Java programming language continues to be one of the most popular languages in industrial software development. This workshop introduces students to the Java language. In addition to the language itself, students will learn basic imperative algorithms and data structures along with exposure to principles of object orientation.

School Outreach activityStudents from Dubai College


School Outreach activity

Students from Kings School Al Barsha

Programming Lego Robots

During this workshop, students are taught the theoretical foundations of robotics including; an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and robots, a demonstration of the capabilities of the Lego robots and instructions on how to programme Lego robot sensors and actuators.

In the second half of the workshop, the students receive hands-on experience of programming their own set of Lego robots to:   

  • Follow a line
  • Collision detection and obstacle avoidance
  • Colour recognition and programming unique activities based on detected colours
  • Maze Navigation

If you are a teacher and would like us to run a workshop for your students, please email us at