School Partners

The University of Birmingham Dubai has established key Strategic partnerships with some exceptional Primary and Secondary Schools across the UAE.

Chris BromhamSchools are selected due to their excellent teaching and learning, innovative learning environments and aspirational leadership and work collaboratively with the university throughout the PGCE programme. The selected schools support our ITE programme through offering placements to the PGCE students throughout the course of the year. Experienced mentors within the schools work alongside our university lecturers to ensure the student is receiving support throughout the programme. The continuous professional development of the school mentor is supported through training given by the university to ensure that high standards are maintained and adhered to consistently.

The close collaboration between the university and school ensures that our students are fully prepared for their first teaching post and have fully developed as reflective practitioners, ready to embark upon a successful career in teaching.

The University of Birmingham is committed to raising the profile of teaching as a profession and to shaping and influencing the educational landscape of the region.

Some of our school collaborations include:

Partner Schools