Engineering undergraduate programmes

Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop innovative and creative technical solutions to real-world problems and serve societal needs. Alongside designing and developing systems, engineers also work through their operations, maintenance and service life in a wide range of industries including: automotives, aerospace, power generation, transportation systems, renewable energy, robotics, mechatronics, water supply systems, space exploration and computer hardware systems.

What is an Integrated Foundation Year?

Our undergraduate programmes include an Integrated Foundation Year, which you may need to take depending on your previous studies.

As part of your Foundation Year you will study Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics and Data Analysis, Mechanics, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming and Academic English and Study Skills.

Why choose our programmes?

  • The University of Birmingham is one of the leading universities globally for postgraduate study in engineering.
  • You will gain systematic knowledge and an advanced level understanding of subject-specific knowledge, including research and developments at the forefront of the discipline.
  • Our programmes offer progressive learning, hands-on experience and will prepare you for a career in a wide range of industries.
  • We place a strong emphasis on tackling the real-world problems faced today. Many of our postgraduate projects have already made a significant impact on society and how industry provides solutions to meet these needs.
  • A flexible approach allows you to study for an MSc degree or enrol for a PG Diploma course, which can be upgraded to an MSc degree should you wish to complete the full programme.