The Centre for Inclusion Studies (CIS)

The Centre for Inclusion Studies (CIS) aims to address University, global and regional priorities that support persons of determination in schools and communities. CIS will host speakers, facilitate discussions and convene multidisciplinary teams of researchers to lead on the following scopes of work:

inclusion for life 2

Inclusion for Life

Understanding inclusion for people with disabilities and neurodiversities from childhood and youth to adulthood in both educational spaces, the workplace and community. 

impact of inclusion

Impact of Inclusion

Create a cohort of impact orientated researchers, practitioners and organisations that are focused on change and development through policy, programmes, monitoring and evaluation

intersections of inclusion

Intersections of Inclusion and Exclusion

Support the study and understanding of barriers posed to the inclusion of broader marginalised groups (e.g. migrant workers, gender, poverty) and how these intersect and interact with disability. 

The focus of these themes builds on the existing strengths of the University of Birmingham which includes these centres:

CIS will act as a bridge and innovative lab to bring the expertise, knowledge and cutting-edge research of these existing centres to the Dubai campus and grow an inclusive research environment in United Arab Emirates. Moreover, the Centre will work regionally to gather and disseminate knowledge about disability across the region. 

Current research projects

Current research in the UAE includes: 

RAK Teachers Preparedness to Support Students with Autism- Al Qasimi Seed Grant (2022-2023)
Co-I’s Dr. Sarah Benson and Dr. Prithvi Perepa 

Action Research Network- ongoing 
Lead facilitator Phil Anderson 

Current regional research includes:

Disability Under Siege Network- multiple projects (2020-2024) 

Centre Leadership


Please subscribe to our network to be invited to upcoming events. Throughout the year we will host public lectures, opportunities to join researchers and listening events to support policy change.


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