Volunteer your time to support Dubai students

Thank you to all of our alumni and friends who volunteer their time to support a variety of life changing projects. From taking time to offer careers guidance to students to hosting alumni events and fundraising for research projects, our volunteers really are making important things happen, helping students become employable graduates, ready to support themselves and fulfil their potential.

Meet some of the alumni living in Dubai and find out more about their connections with the University, why they vounteer and how they are helping current students develop for the world of work.

Fazeela Gopalani (BSc Accounting and Finance, 2002)

Fazeela Gopalani (BSc Accounting and Finance, 2002)

Head of ACCA, Middle East

“It has been a pleasure to be able to volunteer for the University of Birmingham Dubai over the past few years. Being able to share my University experience with prospective students has enabled me to help inspire others to begin their University of Birmingham journey. I am passionate about the power of higher education and sharing my career experience to date has been an enriching experience that I hope has inspired young people to start on their University journey.

One activity I volunteered to take part in was a 'Future of Business’ panel discussion with Dubai academics to help showcase the interface between business and research and encourage prospective students to come and study at the University of Birmingham Dubai.”

Annalisa Cleland- Awity (BA History, 2013)

Annalisa Cleland- Awity (BA History, 2013)

Social enterprise co- founder & educator

“It was an honour to speak during the graduation ceremony in Dubai, 10 years after graduating on the Edgbaston campus. Bringing my alumna voice to the graduating Winter class of 2023 allowed me to encourage the graduating students to stay in touch and be engaged with Birmingham.

The lifelong relationship that you can have with your University is a treasure. The University alumni community is one that I hold dearly. It gave me so much and I hope to give much back through volunteering for Birmingham.”

Wayne Merrick (BSc Sport & Exercise Science, 2001)

Wayne Merrick (BSc Sport & Exercise Science, 2001)

Managing Director, CBD Corporate Services

“Speaking at the University of Birmingham, my alma mater, was an enriching experience. It's not just about sharing my experience in the region, but about igniting a passion for entrepreneurship in these bright young minds. My goal was to leave a legacy of knowledge that extends beyond academic learning, and the enthusiasm and curiosity of the students were incredibly rewarding.”

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