Diversity in Dubai

Dubai has a rich history, and a very recent history of unparalleled growth with business and architecture booming across the Emirate, and an increasingly diverse population made up of approximately 200 nationalities.











The UAE boasts the world’s highest immigration percentage with only 20% of the demographic being Emiratis. From a UK perspective, there is a very large expatriate community in the UAE, especially in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The high level of immigration from all over the world means people can expect a bustling environment with a rich integrated culture and lifestyle.

The UAE has a long history as an Arab State, and whilst it encompasses a mix of cultures and the diverse population as mentioned above, it remains first and foremost an Arab state, with a state religion of Islam, and laws, regulations and norms and customs that align with it. With a culture rooted in Arabic and Islamic tradition, it is important to be familiar with it so that everyone can co-exist harmoniously during their time in Dubai, maintaining respect for the way of life.

Students who come from outside the UAE are strongly reminded to be aware of the cultural and legal differences between the UK or their home countries. Such knowledge is particularly of importance to individuals who find themselves in minority groups or identify with one or more of the Protected Characteristics under UK equality legislation. There are also situational differences as the University can only extend institutional policies and practices within the scope of our operations, but not to the off-campus environment.