Hear from our students

Our students are at the heart of everything we do, hear from them about their experience at the University of Birmingham Dubai. #WeAreUoB!

Accounting and Finance



'"I chose the University of Birmingham Dubai because it’s a highly ranked university which has a degree programme majoring in both accounting and finance and it also provides the exemption for ACCA.

My classmates are very passionate and we have a positive effect on each other. The lecturers are really supportive and there is a lot of one-on-one learning, my peers and I have no hesitation in asking questions."
Yujung, BSc Accounting and Finance


'"I chose to study accounting and finance because if you ask people what the subject is about they will say it’s just about numbers and rule, but there’s so much more than that! This is a platform where you can use innovative ideas with critical, out-of-the-box thinking and I find that really fun.

The University of Birmingham is one of the top ranked universities in the UK and it’s always been a preferred university for my undergraduate study. When they announced that they would be opening a campus in Dubai, I considered it a win-win situation because I’m getting a degree from a top university and I’m able to study at home."
Ankur, BSc Accounting and Finance


'"When I was researching which university to join, University of Birmingham’s reputation really stood out to me because its ranking is really impressive and specifically for the subject of Accounting and Finance.

Everyone is really friendly, if I ever need anything the Student Services team are always willing to help with a smile. The community is really close knit and it’s really easy to meet people, socialise and make new friends. It’s really fun to hang out in the Student Association room between classes and play foosball!"
Mishal, BSc Accounting and Finance

Business Management

Maida Tariq"I chose to study BM to gain a strong academic knowledge of the subject and develop my entrepreneurial skills so I can put my ideas into action and enhance my capabilities in a more strategic way.

My favourite aspect of UoB Dubai is how the classes are conducted is very unique; in the very first term we had an extensive project on the UN Sustainable Development Goals combined with external visits which gave us a deeper understanding of our subject areas. Beyond the classroom the student body is very diverse and you get to meet people from around the globe; it’s a great way to socialise while studying."
Maida, BSc Business Management 



"I chose the University of Birmingham Dubai because its reputation proceeds it and it’s a part of the Russell Group. I also really like the learning profile of my course and how it will develop me over the long run.    

My student experience has been great, the staff are welcoming and the teachers are engaging. When I first started I thought it would be hard to transition from school to university, but the staff and academics made it so easy to adapt to the university environment."
Abdulkareem, BSc Business Management


'"I chose to study Business Management because I would like to own my own business in the future and this is a good degree to give me a solid foundation in business and a holistic view of society.

My student experience has been amazing! I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a lot of events and made lots of friends, it’s like home. My favourite thing about the university is how internationally diverse the student body is; I get to learn new cultures from my friends and meet people from different nationalities."
Hanan, BSc Business Management

Computer Science

'"Studying this subject gives me a deeper insight on the underlying principles of modern day technology and how things actually function behind the screen. Our professors are very supportive, they provide us with adequate personal attention during and after class hours to ensure that we cope well with the concepts being taught.

I am impressed by the quality of education the University of Birmingham Dubai provides and the global career opportunities it paves a way to, being a top 100 university. I personally aspire to contribute to the field of Artificial Intelligence and perhaps even create innovative humanoid robots or work at a global software company in the future."
Sonali, BSc Computer Science


'"It is now an essential requirement for every industry to pursue technological advancement to grow and prosper. Joining the MSc Computer Science programme was not only a choice of interest, but a requirement for me to maintain relevancy within the industry."
Ahmad, MSc Computer Science


'"I chose to study at the University of Birmingham Dubai because I want to have a career in sustainable development and I feel that the knowledge I gain through Economics will give me a wide and solid foundation to pursue that career. 

As the University is a global top 100 and prestigious university, I knew I would receive a high quality education. The University has such an inclusive environment, I feel so welcome studying here."
Tanvi, BSc Economics


'"My experience at the University of Birmingham Dubai has been amazing. The lecturers are friendly and approachable and the quality of education at UoB Dubai is gold standard; consequently, I can become whatever I want to be.

The university as an institution activates diversity, inclusion, and belonging; for that reason, the lecturers, non-teaching staff, and students come from diverse cultures that I can learn from. Moreover, I feel that I am included in the plans and activities of the university as well as having a sense of belonging in the university's community."
Aniekeme, BSc Economics


'"I chose to study at the University of Birmingham Dubai because I will receive the same degree as I would at the Edgbaston campus. The staff are really friendly and the Professors are approachable, One of my favourite things is the fact the class sizes are smaller which means much more individual attention from the academics."
Rhea, BSc Economics

International Business

Mechanical Engineering

Kareem outside on campus"I have always wanted to study Engineering, and to become more involved in solving many of the problems facing the Middle East as well as the world, and studying Mechanical Engineering in Birmingham, one of the world's most prestigious universities is a crucial step for me towards achieving this dream. The campus and small cohort was very helpful in enabling me to get to know almost all students on a much deeper level.

Moving to the UAE did have its challenges, but having lived all my life in Egypt there was not much of a language or culture barrier. The plentiful options for student accommodation enabled me to settle in fairly quickly and start making friends, as well as focus on my studies".

Kareem, BEng Mechanical Engineering - with a year at the UK campus.

Money, Banking and Finance

Divya"I chose Money, Banking and Finance at the University of Birmingham Dubai because it has the perfect combination of Economics and Finance embedded in the modules.

The University of Birmingham Dubai is a very inclusive campus and Welcome Week really brought all of the students and faculty together. Initially I wasn’t ready to start university but after that week I felt really welcomed and made good friends."
Divya, BSc Money, Banking and Finance 


'"I looked at Finance courses at other universities as I want a career in quantitative financing but I found that Money, Banking and Finance at the University of Birmingham was tailor made for me.

"I’ve loved my experience at the university, it’s been amazing to find this connection with students here. My favourite aspect of UoB Dubai is that there is a dedicated student hub where people can come together and meet new friends. The student association room is the perfect icebreaker! My advice for prospective applicants is you should go ahead and join! Its been an amazing experience for me so far and I’m sure they will also enjoy it!"   
Rahil, BSc Money, Banking and Finance

PGCert Inclusion and Special Educational Needs

'"My advice for prospective applicant's would be to go for it!! I didn’t think twice before joining the university. People here are extremely flexible, supportive and they want you to achieve in life, you'll never find such support anywhere else!"
Rabia, PGCert Inclusion and Special Educational Needs



'"The academics are amazing. They are very supportive and teach the course well using interactive ideas and sessions, making us critique and analyse the information and use it to the best of our knowledge. My classmates are also wonderful and it is great to be learning with like minded individuals."
Faridah, PGCert Inclusion and Special Educational Needs


 '"I chose to study psychology because I’m fascinated by human behaviour and mental health. In Nigeria it’s still quite an unknown illness, I chose this course so I could learn more and in the future help to eradicate the sigma around mental health.

When I had to decide between Edgbaston and Dubai, I chose Dubai because of the weather! Plus I’m getting the same high quality education and degree as my peers in Edgbaston. My experience has been great because we’re a community; there is a lot of academic support as well as welfare. You can walk up to anyone and they’re always ready to help. I love how there are so many extracurricular activities and if there isn’t a club, you can always start one because the staff are always trying to help students innovate."
Hawwa, BSc Psychology

'"My experience has been great; all of my classmates help and motivate each other and the staff have been so welcoming. It’s been a really easy transition from school to University."
Carmen, BSc Psychology