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At the University of Birmingham Dubai, we value the partnerships we have nurtured with our overseas representatives and our goal is to provide you with effective and useful content to promote the university to prospective applicants and be a part of our continuous growth and success. 


This is an exclusive page which will give you complete understanding of our key strengths, programme offering, scholarships, application process and contact details. The page also includes '10 reasons to choose University of Birmingham Dubai', which can be your go-to guide for promoting the university at recruitment fairs, exhibitions, schools and other universities. 


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Why study in Dubai?


Dubai is a young and exciting city, known for its diversity, friendliness and dynamic economy. A global business hub with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, Dubai offers opportunities to experience different cultures like few other cities on Earth.

Paddle BoardingThis globally connected city is rapidly becoming established as an international education hub, with nearly 30 international universities providing students from across the globe with the opportunity to pursue the highest quality study.

Dubai has firmly established itself as a global leader in innovation. As a hyper-connected, pro-business hub between the East & the West, it provides many career options for talented graduates.

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, numerous multinational organisations such as Microsoft, IBM, HSBC and Google have chosen to have a significant presence in the city. Dubai is home to one-third of all Middle East and North Africa (MENA) investors and 19 venture capitalists, the highest in the region.

 Informative external links about Dubai's lifestyle, culture, vision and infrastructure:

  1. https://www.visitdubai.com/en
  2. http://www.dubai.ae/en
  3. https://www.dubaiairports.ae/
  4. https://www.artdubai.ae
  5. https://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/

10 reasons to choose the University of Birmingham Dubai

University of Birmingham Dubai Building

1. A globally recognised education

We are one of the Top 100 Global Universities, ranked 81st as per QS ranking 2020. The world ranking of any university is extremely important to understand the value of the learning experience and the value of the degree certificate in the global job market. The QS university ranking system evaluates universities based on the key metrics of: Academic Reputation, Research Output, Faculty/Student Ratio, and International Faculty and Student Ratios.

We are a part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities, which includes the University of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, University of Edinburgh and University College London. Russell Group universities are research-led and academically excellent; you can compare the ‘Russell Group’ to an ‘Ivy League’ for American universities.

2. World changing research – 10 Nobel Prize Winners

10 of our former staff and students have been awarded Nobel Prizes. From revealing the structure of DNA to developing new treatments for heart disease and cancer, the research and work of our Nobel Prize winners has made an impact worldwide. Our Birmingham Heroes continue to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges, from anti-biotic resistance, Zika and Ebola to cyber security and sustainable energy.


3. Delivering Excellence in Teaching

We hold a Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). This framework was introduced by the British Government to recognise and encourage teaching excellence in universities and colleges. It is intended to help students choose where to study, by providing clear information about teaching provision and student outcomes. Being awarded the highest rating in TEF, cements our commitment to delivering outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for our students.

4. Be a part of a global community

As a student of University of Birmingham Dubai, you will be a part of a network of more than 300,000 alumni across the world including UAE, India, Singapore and China. This thriving network gives you the opportunity to connect, learn and share experiences, knowledge and opportunities within and beyond this network.


5. Increasing your employability

We are committed to giving our students an exceptional educational experience matched by the skills that top employers are seeking in the current and future global markets. The University of Birmingham is a global institution that commands a strong and distinctive international reputation. Because of this, many of our students embark on careers across the globe with multi-national employers and the university has been rated as the top 2 most targeted universities by leading employers (High Fliers 2020). Students of the University of Birmingham Dubai, will have access to our Expert Careers Advice Team and a wide range of services to help them take that next step towards employment. 


6. Campus facilities and student experience

The study areas on campus have state-of-the-art facilities with large and small size classrooms, lecture theatre, fully-equipped computer and mechanical engineering labs, library, tutorial rooms and ample quiet study areas. The campus furnishing duplicates the design and quality as our Birmingham campus to give our Dubai students the same experience. There are several laptop stations for students to borrow laptops, free printing services and a dedicated Student Services Desk to assist all our students. Students also have access to the sports facilities of our partner university that includes a swimming pool, gymnasium and football court.

'We know that learning does not stop when you leave the lecture theatre. Studying at the University of Birmingham Dubai will be an enriching experience that takes in all aspects of life – social and cultural as well as educational. This holistic Student Experience includes our dedicated Student Wellbeing Officer and Students Association team who organises various fun social activities, competitions, and cultural days and sports challenges. We also have a dedicated Students Association room on campus with pool tables, foosball tables, PlayStation, chill areas and lots of board games and books for our students.


7. Year Two at our Edgbaston Campus

Time spent overseas can be one of the most rewarding opportunities available to students during their undergraduate studies. It enriches the university experience and enhances employment prospects. With a 250-acre campus at the heart of the UK, students can elect to study their second year in Birmingham as part of their degree programme (subject to academic attainment).

8. Outstanding Scholarships Options

Our scholarship options are designed to reward the academic excellence of our students and these financial awards can be carried forward through the entire programme across foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We also give our Dubai students the exceptional opportunity to use their acquired Dubai scholarship at our UK campus if they decide to pursue their undergraduate Year 2 at our UK campus. 

Find out more about our wide array of academic scholarships below.

9. We are Birmingham

The University of Birmingham Dubai is not a franchise, branch or partner university, we ARE the University of Birmingham. We adhere to the exact same teaching standards and values as our Birmingham campus. Our curriculum is the same as the UK campus and the Schools and Colleges in Birmingham employ our academic staff. Students will receive a University of Birmingham degree certificate and transcript, which does not state ‘Dubai’.

The Dubai campus was built to extend educational excellence and equal opportunities to students here in the Middle East and neighbouring countries.

Campus & Sports

10. A spectacular new campus 

We are proud to announce the opening of our new campus, a 50,000m2 campus located in the Dubai International Academic City is designed to encourage collaboration across all academic disciplines, with flexible learning spaces and formal teaching spaces ensuring teaching and research can work in tandem to benefit students. The new campus will include state-of-the-art facilities including a soundproof library, auditorium, large and small classrooms, fully equipped computer and engineering labs, speciality catering facilities, vast green open spaces, sports facilities and a grand entrance to welcome our students in 2021. 


Dry Lab
Atrium view
IT Cluster View 1



Programme Listing

UoB 040

We offer a wide range of Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Teacher Education programmes. The programmes include offerings from Artificial Intelligence, Business, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Money, Banking and Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Psychology and PGCE. We will be adding new programmes at all levels in each upcoming academic year.

To view our full course listing, please visit our course listing page

Programme Fees and Scholarships

UoB 075

Programme Fees

The deposit payment for all programmes is AED 5000, which should be paid in advance to receive an unconditional offer (this will then be deducted from the first year's tuition fees). The remaining tuition fees will be paid in 3 equal instalments in November, January and May. 

The tuition fees for each programme is listed in the individual programme webpage: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/dubai/study/courses/undergraduate/index.aspx

Outstanding Scholarships Offerings

Our scholarship options are designed to benefit all our new students and the financial rewards can be carried forward through the entire programme across foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our Dubai students also have the exceptional opportunity to use their scholarship at our UK campus if they decide to pursue their second undergraduate year in the UK. 

These generous scholarships include:

Chancellor’s Academic Merit Scholarship

Birmingham has a distinguished history of attracting the brightest minds, with our former students going on to win Nobel Prizes and achieving success in business and government worldwide. As a commitment to these outstanding students joining us in Dubai, we are offering a select number of scholarships, which could be worth over 100,000 AED and equivalent to up to 30% of the annual tuition fee for each year of the programme (subject to academic achievement). These awards are available to students on all programmes, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Provost’s Academic Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship is a 50% funded scholarship that is awarded to outstanding students who exhibit the highest standards of academic excellence. This exclusive and limited award is offered on an invitation basis only. Awards will cover 50% of the total tuition fees (which could amount to over 150,000 AED).

Maida Tariq

"Getting a chance to study in a top 100 Russell Group University which has an alumni network worldwide and such strong industry links is a matter of absolute joy and pride. This combined with Provost Academic Scholarship is, indeed, favouring my desire to move forward and leave an impact. I love being part of the multi-ethnic culture of Dubai and distinguished programme offered at Birmingham."
Maida, BSc Business Management

Advance Scholarship

We recognise the benefits of our applicants being well prepared in their university journey and therefore reward applicants with an advanced scholarship of 10%, on top of their academic scholarship, if they pay their tuition fee deposit of 5,000 AED by 31st July for September 2021 entry.

Click here to view our wide array of additional academic scholarships and the application process here: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/dubai/study/fees-and-funding/scholarships.aspx

Apply to the University of Birmingham Dubai (Application, Visa, Accomodation, Transport)

Application process

The application process for all the programmes is fully online with easy self-explanatory steps. Click here to see all the steps and documents required: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/dubai/study/apply/index.aspx

There is no application fee.

Visa process for students outside UAE

The University of Birmingham Dubai provides a straightforward visa sponsorship service for students on a full-time programme who are not UAE residents. This allows our students to study and reside in the country for a 12-month period, renewable each year to cover the duration of your programme.

For more information about visa process and fees, please click here: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/dubai/study/fees-and-funding/visa-process.aspx

Accommodation and transport facilities

Our students’ university experience is about much more than studying and learning. Outside the university, they need somewhere they can feel safe, relax and make the most of their free time. This means finding a great place to live and make it home. We have collaborated with two residential community partners which we recommend to our students. These partners are chosen basis safety, quality, area and proximity to the university campus. Click here to view the accommodation details and costs: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/dubai/study/accommodation/index.aspx

We provide transport facilities to all our students, basis requirement and at an additional cost. The actual cost of the transportation can be provided on request.

Contact our team for all your queries and requests

'You are important to us! 

Our Student Recruitment and Marketing team are here to support you with any queries or requests regarding our university.

Chris Taylor - Head of Student Recruitment & MarketingEmail: C.Taylor.4@bham.ac.uk

Yusra Shahid - Student Recruitment and Admissions OfficerEmail: Y.A.Shahid@bham.ac.uk

Samiera Sumun - Acting Student Recruitment ManagerEmail: S.B.Sumun@bham.ac.uk

Aqsa Shahid - Student Recruitment Assistant – Email: a.shahid@bham.ac.uk

Nerisa Anwar -Student Recruitment Assistant – Email: n.anwar.2@bham.ac.uk

Kate Westwood - Marketing and Communications Manager – Email: k.westwood@bham.ac.uk

Georgia Johnson - Marketing and Communications Officer – Email: G.M.Johnson@bham.ac.uk

Catherine Howe - Marketing Assistant – Email: c.howe@bham.ac.uk

Aliya Hussain - Marketing Assistant – Email: a.hussain.18@bham.ac.uk

If you need any programme specific details, you can get in touch with our Academics Team or read their profiles on this link: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/dubai/staff/index.aspx

Our International Team

We also have in-country support for India, Pakistan and Nigeria:

India: Nidhi Manocha - Tel:  +91 9818843230 or Email: n.manocha@bham.ac.uk 

Ramesh Veluchamy – Email: r.veluchamy@bham.ac.uk

Nigeria: Francis Ojo - Tel: +2348158868617 or Email: f.ojo@bham.ac.uk 

Pakistan: Nabeel Vehra - Tel: +92 (0) 301 4113456 or Email: n.vehra@bham.ac.uk

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