Student medical insurance

 Students sponsored by the University of Birmingham Dubai are required to obtain and maintain health insurance as required by the Dubai Media and Technology Free Zone Area (DMTZA) and as part of the Dubai visa laws, all students must have health insurance for the duration of their visa. 

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) compliant Medical insurance is compulsory for all students. Medical insurance aims to provide cover for most expenses incurred by students in a wide network of hospitals and clinics in the UAE, whether as an outpatient, inpatient or emergency admission.

University of Birmingham Dubai has partnered with AXS and ADNIC - to provide students under University visa sponsorship with access to a comprehensive and competitively priced medical insurance plan. This partnership has been established to aim to make it easier for prospective students to access medical insurance in Dubai. The University of Birmingham Dubai does not provide the medical insurance cover; this is provided by ADNIC. Should you opt to take this insurance, your contract of insurance will be with ADNIC. Students are free to arrange their own medical insurance should they wish; however, the level of cover will need to comply with DMTZA and Dubai law.

Please note that University of Birmingham Dubai (UoBD) visa-sponsored students who opt to access medical insurance through the UoBD will receive medical insurance cover after receiving their student visa.

University of Birmingham Dubai provides access to medical health insurance through ADNIC coverage on a paid basis to both new and returning students. The student is responsible for annually paying the cost of this medical insurance to the insurer, although the University will then set up the medical insurance on the student’s behalf as part of the visa application through AXS. 

You can refer to the Table of benefits & Hospital & Pharmacy Network to find out which clinics, hospitals and pharmacies around you accept your medical insurance. 

Your Medical insurance is linked with your emirates ID card. Your Emirates ID card is your medical insurance card for this scheme. Emirates ID needs to be presented every time at the clinic or hospital at the time of the treatment/visit.

If you have any questions about visa process, please contact us on +971 52 330 8468.

 Area of cover    Emirates of Dubai and Northern Emirates Emergency extension to UAE
Yearly Maximum per insured member    AED 150,000  
Eligibility of Cover 
  • Students under the Sponsorship of TECOM & SUBSIDIARIES.
  • Up to age 35
Network   Neuron Restricted Network  
Level of cover / reimbursement   No Benefit outside the applicable network except for emergencies within United Arab Emirates  
In-patient and Day care Treatment
In-patient and Day care treatment   20% coinsurance payable by the insured with a cap of AED 500 payable per encounter; and an annual aggregate cap of AED 1,000. 

Above these caps the insurer will cover 100% of the treatment. 

  • Tests, diagnosis, treatments and surgeries in hospitals for non-urgent medical cases (Prior approval required from the insurance company). 
  • Emergency treatment - Approval required from the insurance company within 24 hours of admission to the authorised hospital.  
Daily Room and Board   In-patient services will be received in rooms of two or more beds.  Prior approval required from the insurance company.
Parent accommodation    The cost of accommodating a person accompanying an insured child up to the age of 16 years is covered under Covered under the below Companion Accommodation’ benefit.
Companion accommodation of a person accompanying an insured member in cases of medical necessity.    The cost of accommodation of a person accompanying an inpatient in the same room in cases of medical necessity at the recommendation of the treating doctor and after the prior approval of the insurance company providing coverage. Maximum AED 100 per night.
Out-Patient Treatment
Deductible/coinsurance on Consultations  
  • Examination, diagnostic and treatment services by authorised general practitioners, specialists and consultants - 20% coinsurance from the insured member per visit. No coinsurance if a follow-up visit made within seven days.  
Diagnostics (x-ray, MRI, CT, PET, Ultrasound, etc), Laboratory  
  • Laboratory test services carried out in the authorised facility assigned to treat the insured person - 20% coinsurance from the insured member
  • Radiology diagnostic services carried out in the authorised facility assigned to treat the insured person - 20% coinsurance from the insured member. In cases of non-medical emergencies, the insurance company’s prior approval is required for MRI, CT scans and endoscopies
Prescribed Drugs   Cost of drugs and medicines up to an annual limit of AED 1,500 (including coinsurance) - 30% from the insured member in respect of each and every prescription.  
No cover for drugs and medicines in excess of the annual limit
Physiotherapy (Prior approval of the insurance company is required).    Covered up to maximum 6 sessions per year - 20% coinsurance from the insured member per session.  


Core Benefits:
Pre-existing and Chronic conditions   Treatment for chronic and pre-existing conditions excluded for first 6 months of first scheme membership. Waiting period not applicable where there is proof of continuous uninterrupted insurance coverage for more than 6 months.  
Ambulance    Ground transportation services in the UAE provided by an authorised party for medical emergencies.
Other Benefits:
Vaccinations and Immunisations   Covered - Essential vaccinations and inoculations for newborns and children up to age 6 years as stipulated in the DHA’s policies and its updates (currently the same as Federal MOH).  
Diabetes Screening - Every 3 years from age of 30. High risk individual annually from age of 18   Covered  
Hearing, vision aids, vision correction by surgeries and laser in case of medical
emergencies only  
Covered - 20% coinsurance from the insured member  
Diagnostic and treatment services for  dental and gum treatments in case of medical emergencies only    Covered - 20% coinsurance from the insured member  
Additional Benefit Extensions
Pregnancy and Childbirth    

Out-patient ante-natal services  

10% coinsurance from the Insured member  

8 visits to PHC; 

All care provided by PHC obstetrician for low risk or specialist obstetrician for high risk referrals. Initial investigations to  include: 

  • FBC and Platelets 
  • Blood group, Rhesus status and antibodies 
  • VDRL 
  • MSU & urinalysis 
  • Rubella serology 
  • HIV 
  • Hep C offered to high risk patients 
  • GTT if high risk 
  • FBS, random s or Alc for all due to high prevalence of diabetes in UAE. 

Visits to include reviews, checks and tests in accordance with DHA, Antenatal Care Protocols, 3 ante-natal ultrasound Scans.  *Above requires prior approval from the  Insurance company. 

In-patient maternity services:  

10% coinsurance from the insured member  Maximum benefit:  

AED 7,000 per normal delivery, 

AED 10,000 AED for medically necessary C-section,

complications and for medically necessary termination (All limits include coinsurance) 

*All above treatments require prior approval from the insurance company or within 24 hours of emergency treatment.  
Pre- and post-natal complications    Covered within the above ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth’ benefit  
New Born Cover  

Cover for 30 days from birth under the mother’s card  ü BCG, 

Hepatitis B and neo-natal screening tests Phenylketonuria (PKU), Congenital 


Sickle cell screening, congenital adrenal hyperplasia). 


*All above treatments require prior approval from the insurance company or within 24 hours of emergency treatment.  

Cover Extension:
On sole discretion of ADNIC, the coverage shall be extended outside the UAE for treatment, along with Airfare. 

The Coverage shall be extended provided the cost of treatment outside UAE for the required medical procedures is less than 70% of applicable Network rates with a minimum difference of AED 3,000/-, 


Air ticket will be covered for insured members in respect of elective treatment  subject to the following:

  1. On eligibility, Covered up to a maximum of AED 2,000/- on reimbursement basis 
  2. Benefit if covered only for In-Patient treatments for Economy class round trip ticket only for patients (i.e.accompanying persons are not covered) 


Please visit our knowledgebase to view our visa FAQs.