Grow Your Mind at the Green Heart Festival

On Saturday 8 June, between 14:00 and 17:00, look through microscopes, become a dentist, learn how to save a life, see the stars sing and much much more in our Grow Your Mind zone in University Square.

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What's on offer:

  • The Importance of UK Forests
  • Walk and Draw: The Green Heart
  • From tiny fruit-flies to great discoveries
  • Nature in Art: Family Gallery Trail
  • Hepworth Sculptures: Drop in Family Workshop
  • Mouth Matters
  • Mass Spec-tacular!
  • The IMSR passport to the world of metabolism: follow the fuel!
  • Metabolism and measuring masses in the 21st Century with Phenome Centre Birmingham and Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre.
  • Star Machine-Vibrations of the Universe
  • Quantum Shorts International Short Film Festival
  • Heart Beats
  • Basic Life Support
  • Unfiltered Lives
  • Make your own spectroscope
  • How to write a female villain
  • Race for Life!
  • Celebrating world-class cancer research in Birmingham
  • Energy Storage Research from the Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage
  • "From black holes to elementary particles: a journey into our Universe”.
  • Terrifying Teeth
  • Digitising Dinosaurs
  • Violent Volcanos
  • Lapworth Museum of Geology
  • UoB Sport and Fitness: Family Friendly sports, with campus circuits, yoga, and Zumba and lots lots more!
  • Birmingham Goes Wild
  • How does Imprisonment affect the family
  • ‘What do Teachers of deaf children do?’
  •  ‘Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business research showcase’
  • Islamic Arts and Heritage
  • Our Hedgehog Friendly Campus
  • How do we study immune cell migration
  • HR Recruitment Team
  • Guess the taste
  • EA Worldview panel debate
  • Am I normal? Understanding your emotions