In Collaboration: Arts and Science

Lectures Talks and Workshops
Wednesday 16th September 2015 (16:00-18:00)
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Professor Bill Chaplin, Professor of Astrophysics, Birmingham
Professor Geoffrey Crossick, University of London and Director AHRC Cultural Value Project
Professor Barry Smith, Director Institute of Philosophy, University of London and Leadership Fellow AHRC Science in Culture Theme

The workshop will begin with a keynote presentation on the process of collaboration, with a particular focus on how this works when individuals from very different disciplines and backgrounds come together (be that by design or by chance). The opening talk will set the context for a series of discussions involving all participants centred on brief presentations by collaborating artists and scientists. Nominated rapporteurs will then reflect on what has been heard, and in the final phase of the workshop we will hold a roundtable discussion to further tease out the key issues and dynamics at play.

The key issues to be explored are:

  • What are the processes that shape how arts-science collaborations are initiated and fostered, and what is needed to ensure they develop and prosper?
  • How do arts-science collaborations actually work? How can they develop new ways of thinking in each discipline?
  • What environmental, institutional and sociological barriers are there to such collaborations?

To register to attend this workshop please email Sarah Jeffery.