How do we read minds?

Lecture Theatre G15, Muirhead Tower
Lectures Talks and Workshops
Thursday 8th May 2014 (17:15-18:15)
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Charlotte Jones
Tel: 0121 414 5473

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Ian Apperly, Professor of Cognition and Development will deliver his inaugural lecture as part of the College of Life and Environmental Sciences inaugural lecture series. 

Perhaps you thought only Derren Brown could read minds. But in fact most of us work out what others think quite routinely in the course of everyday social life. There is much debate about how these abilities originate in humans, and whether chimps or crows can mindread too. We know that impaired mindreading following brain injury or psychiatric disorders causes significant social difficulties. 

We are only just beginning to understand why some people attending inaugural lectures are better at mindreading than others. 

17:15 Lecture Starts 1
18:15 Drinks and Canapé

This event is free of charge but booking is recommended.