"Lesvia. The Herstory of Eressos"

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Tuesday 22 February 2022 (17:00-18:15)

Michela Baldo

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The event will introduce the forthcoming documentary by Greek artist, writer and filmmaker Tzeli Hadjidimitriou, based on the history of Eressos, a village in Lesbos, which has been visited by hundreds of lesbians since the 1970s.

Michela Baldo (Translation Studies, University of Birmingham) will engage in conversation with Tzeli Hadijimitriou and queer activist and theorist Sam Bourcier (University of Lille), member of the French Collectif Archives LGBTQI+ in Paris, on the important issues covered in the documentary.

 This documentary tells the stories of what Eressos means to the lesbians who have been visiting this place since the 1970s and how a lesbian community built roots, a space of home and belonging in Eressos over the years. It also tells the stories of how the locals/local Lesvians have been perceiving and relating to these non local lesbians; of how this has changed over the years and of the fragile, complex balance in which these very different worlds coexist in the same place. 

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