Sound Bath: supported rest for parents and carers

central staff hub
Monday 10 June 2024 (12:30-13:15)



Join this 45 minute sound session to rest and restore, supported by guided visualisation and crystal singing bowls.

Sound baths are a supportive way to gently tend to yourself if you are stressed, putting other people's needs ahead of your own, or just need some time out to relax and pause. The idea is that you are immersed in frequency and vibration, and in the process alpha, theta and delta brain wave states are stimulated as well as the “rest and digest” parasympathetic part of the nervous system. This brings the body into its optimal mode for healing and resting.

Most of the time these days we are in light-stimulated beta brainwave states, our active “doing” mode (and “fight/flight/freeze/fawn” sympathetic nervous system overdrive). We are also often overstimulated and adrenalised which can create inflammation in the body and leave us feeling stressed and anxious.

Sound baths are a simple and enjoyable way to bring the body into natural deep rest and healing - sometimes you experience dreamy visualisation and physical sensations, sometimes you feel as though time moves differently; sometimes it’s just really relaxing.

In our time together Charlotte will lead a guided visualisation to create a cocoon for yourself, separate from all your usual obligations and responsibilities, and play instruments to support a journey with sound to leave you feeling refreshed.

Please bring everything you need to create a comfortable nest and space of delight for your body. Yoga mat/sheepskin or something soft to lie on is recommended, as well as a warm layer – body temperature usually drops a few degrees to sleeping temperature during a sound bath.

*Note sound bathing is contraindicated for the first and third trimesters in pregnancy, for those who experience epilepsy and for anyone recently fitted with a metal plate or pins.

*Booking is required as spaces are limited - Please contact to book your place*

Accessibility information for this event

Open to UoB staff only. Limited spaces available