Compound collections

BDDF compound collection

For any high throughput screening laboratory, the “jewel in the crown” is manifested by the compounds, or compound libraries, used in screening experiments. The Drug Discovery Facility holds an "in house" 37,000 lead-like diversity library.

The diversity of the library is demonstrated by 13,000 individual Bemis-Murcko frameworks. We also have access to the fully FDA approved library (approx 1200 compounds) of active drug molecules.


Mol. Weight

< 500 Da

Rotational bonds

= 10

H-bond donors

= 5

H-bond acceptors


Topological molecular polar surface area (tPSA)

= 140.0 Å2

Partition coefficient (logP)

= 5.0

Aqueous solubility (logS)

= -7.0