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  • Cadbury, Laurence John (1889-1982), chocolate and food manufacturer: personal papers, principally relating to his service with the Friends Ambulance Unit, 1914-1919. Finding No: MS327
  • Cadbury, William Adlington (1867-1957), businessman and philanthropist:
    scrapbook relating to Cotswold houses, 1931-1935. Finding No: MS528;
    catalogue of books, 1928. Finding No: MS553;
    postcards sent from Angola, 1908. Finding No: MS565
  • Callcott, William Hutchins (1807-1882), composer: scrapbook relating to W. E. Gladstone, 1860-1877. Finding No: MS409
  • Callow, Philip (1924-2007), novelist, poet and biographer:
    drafts of novel, c 1975. Finding No: MS688;
    literary and personal papers, including watercolours and artwork in other media by Callow, c 1951-2004. Finding No: MS840
  • Calthrop, Gladys E. (d 1980), artist and set designer:
    correspondence from Noel Coward and others, 1930s-1973. Finding No: MS201;
    costume drawings, 1934. Finding No: MS492
  • Cameron, John J. (fl 1895-1925), artist and illustrator: artwork, 1895-1925. Finding No: MS740
  • Campbell, Beatrice Stella (1865-1940) nee Tanner, actress, known as Mrs Patrick Campbell: commonplace book, c 1895. Finding No: MS408
  • Campbell, Rev (John) Norman (b 1916) and Irene Rose: Extracts of diaries and letters dated 1949-1972 of Rev and Mrs  Campbell , CMS missionaries to Uganda, prepared by the daughter of Norman Campbell and her husband Chris Hillman in 2014. Finding No: CMS/ACC1010
  • Cane, Eliza Dorothea Du (b 1865): diary, 1890. Finding No: MS185
  • Capper family: papers relating to the Quaker minister Mary Capper and other members of the Capper family, c 1860. Finding No: MS486
  • Carden, Lois (fl 1936-61): personal diaries relating to life in India, 1936-1961. Finding No: MS119
  • Carder, Henry (fl 1860-83): commonplace book 1860-1883. Finding No: MS91
  • Cardew, Martin H. (b 1927), athlete: papers, 1964-1988. Finding No: ATH/MHC
  • Carew, Thomas (fl 1750): memorandum book, 1750. Finding No: MS580
  • Carlier family: correspondence of Antoine Guillaume Carlier, his wife, Marie and of Edmond William Wace Carlier, 1847-1909. Finding No: US47
  • Carr, Edward Hallett (1892-1982), historian: papers, 1906-1982. Finding No: EHC
  • Carruthers, William (1830-1922), Scottish naturalist: papers, 1860-1870. Finding No: MS645
  • Chadwick, Jane Elizabeth (b 1869), CMS missionary: diaries, correspondence and reminiscences c 1895-c 1960. Finding No: CMS/ACC167
  • Chalk, Richard Seymour (1905-1985), CMS missionary: photographs, diaries, scrapbooks and other papers, 1931-1970. Finding No: CMS/ACC403
  • Chamberlain, (Arthur) Neville (1869-1940), statesman:
    personal, family and political papers, 1768-late 20th century. Finding No: NC;
    miscellaneous letters, 1895-1940. Finding No: NCLAdd;
    signed photograph of Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940) and National Government Whips, July 1938. Finding No: NCLAdd/177
  • Chamberlain, Beatrice Mary (1862-1918): correspondence and papers, 1862-1917. Finding No: BC
  • Chamberlain, (Caroline) Hilda (1871-1967): correspondence and papers, 1888-1963. Finding No: BC
  • Chamberlain, Ethel (1873-1905): correspondence and papers, 1893-1905. Finding No: BC
  • Chamberlain, (Florence) Ida (1870-1943): correspondence and papers, 1870-1943. Finding No: BC
  • Chamberlain, Joseph (1836-1914), statesman:
    personal, family and political papers, 1819-late 20th century. Finding No: JC;
    miscellaneous letters, 1860-1993. Finding No: JCLAdd;
    artificial collection of political and other postcards relating to him and his policies, late 19th-early 20th cents. Finding No: MS821
  • Chamberlain, Sir (Joseph) Austen (1863-1937), statesman:
    personal, family and political papers, 1677-1954. Finding No: AC
    miscellaneous letters, 1894-1990s. Finding No: ACLAdd
    photograph of a Liberal Union Club dinner to the Rt Hon Austen Chamberlain, MP, held in the Grand Hall, Hotel Cecil, London, February 1903. Finding No: ACLAdd/257
  • Chamberlain family of Birmingham: papers relating to various members of the family, and including Mary Endicott Chamberlain, 1791-1987. Finding No: C
  • Chamberlain family of South Yardley, Birmingham: letters mostly from Dorothy Walker to her fiance, Stanley Chamberlain, 1938-1946. Finding No: MS806
  • Chambers, Sir Edmund Kerchever (1866-1954), English scholar, historian, civil servant: papers, c 1903-1948. Finding No: DSH8
  • Champion, Leonard George (b c 1907), Baptist minister: typescript recollections covering the period of his life, 1910-1943, 1990s. Finding No: MS824
  • Charlton, Fanny (fl 1843-47): diary, c 1843-47. Finding No: MS183
  • Chinn, Frank Morton (fl 1900-1941), civil engineer: photographs of the Gezira irrigation scheme, Sudan, 1912-1925. Finding No: MS296
  • Clark, George James (b 1848), CMS lay agent: correspondence, 1876. Finding No: CMS/ACC858
  • Clarke, Mr. (fl 1860-61) of Haughton, Staffordshire: letters mostly to his son William, 1860-61. Finding No: MS120
  • Clarke, A. (fl 1825-26), soldier: recollections as a soldier, 1826. Finding No: MS105
  • Clarke, Rev Graham (fl 1990s-2000s), YMCA worker: printed and publicity materials relating to the YMCA including material relating to Central Herts YMCA, Watford YMCA and Welwyn Hatfield YMCA, 1990s-2000s. Finding No: YMCA/ACC45
  • Clarke, Herbert Edwin (1852-1912), poet:
    poems, 1872-1891. Finding No: MS328;
    writings, 19th century. Finding No: MS791
  • Clarke, Leonard (fl 1830-31) of Birmingham: diary and literary log book, 1830-1831. Finding No: MS76
  • Clarke, Mary Cowden (1809-1898), writer: letters to Matthew Mason, 1869-1874. Finding No: DSH9
  • Clayton, Herbert (b c 1870) missionary: journals and typescript extract of letters, 1897-1901. Finding No: CMS/ACC917
  • Clinton, William Pelham- (1815-1850), son of Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton (1785-1851), 4th Duke of Newcastle: travel journal, 1837. Finding No: MS364
  • Cohen, Louis (fl 1880-1910), playwright: programmes and papers relating to performances of his works, 1883-1910. Finding No: MS112
  • Cohen, Ronald Alban (1907-2001), dentist and dental historian: artificial collection of miscellaneous letters on the subject of the history of dentistry, 1785-1892. Finding No: MS78
  • Coke, Elizabeth (fl 1771), later Lady Hunloke: poems, 1771. Finding No: MS308
  • Cole, Henry (1846-1945), CMS missionary: writings, printed papers and photographs, 1897-1935. Finding No: CMS/ACC402
  • Cole, J. S. (fl 1815): travel journal, 1815. Finding No: MS559
  • Coleridge, Henry James (1822-1893), editor of The Month: journal including theological notes, 1842-1845. Finding No: MS370
  • Collings, Jesse (1831-1920), politician: cuttings relating to the National Education League, 1869. Finding No: MS525
  • Colyer-Fergusson, Sir Thomas Colyer see Fergusson, Sir Thomas Colyer Colyer-
  • Cook, Jean (fl 1940-46) later Gill: photograph album relating to the YMCA Snapshots from Home League, 1940-46. Finding No: YMCA/ACC36
  • Cooper, Alfred Cecil (1882-1964), Bishop of Korea: correspondence and papers, 1902-64. Finding No: DA59
  • Cooper, Sir Astley Paston (1768-1841), surgeon: surgical lectures, 1806. Finding No: MS717
  • Corbett, John (1817-1901) of Impney, Worcestershire: autograph letter collection. Finding No: MS21
  • Corby, Nancy (fl 1929-61), CMS missionary: letters and diaries, 1929-50. Finding No: CMS/ACC22
  • Corelli, Marie (1855-1924), writer: manuscript for 'The Life Everlasting', 1901.Finding No: DSH5
  • Corrie, Daniel (1777-1837), CMS missionary, Archdeacon of Calcutta: correspondence, 1824-32. Finding No: CMS/ACC112
  • Cotton, Arthur William (1857-1934), CMS missionary: photographs, c1890. Finding No: CMS/ACC570
  • Courtney, David (fl 1785-1803) of Dublin: copy book, 1785-1803.Finding No: CC
  • Courtney, Henry (d c 1870) of Dublin: notebook and diary records, 1828-60. Finding No: CC
  • Courtney, Henry Gother (fl 1914-18): letters to family during First World War, 1914-18. Finding No: CC
  • Courtney, Henry Nicholas (d 1879) of Dublin: copy letter books and journals, 1874-78. Finding No: CC
  • Cousland family of Glasgow, London and Dudley: printed materials relating to the Catholic Apostolic Church. Finding No: MS377
  • Coward, Noel (1899-1973), actor, playwright, composer, lyricist, painter and author:
    correspondence, literary, and other papers, 1910-2016. Finding No: COW;
    letters to the Lister family, 1930s-50s. Finding No: MS69;
    theatre programmes 1913-91. Finding No: MS491;
    posters, 1968-86. Finding No: MS497;
    cuttings relating to life and works, 1943-96. Finding No: MS498;
    letters to Patricia Hollander. Finding No: MS500;
    play scripts. Finding No: MS501;
    photographs and portrait. Finding No: MS502;
    radio script of play, 1956. Finding No: MS788
  • Cowgill, Anthony Wilson (1915-2009), soldier and engineer: papers relating to the Cowgill inquiry into the repatriation of Cossacks and Yugoslavs at the end of the Second World War by the allies and related material, 1945-1994. Finding No: MS834
  • Cox, Katherine Julia (1906-1983), CMS missionary: journals, correspondence and official papers, 1932-80. Finding No: CMS/ACC532
  • Cox, William Sands (1802-1875), surgeon: personal and family papers and papers relating to the School of Medicine, Queen's College and Queen's Hospital, Birmingham, 19th century. Finding No: MS220
  • Crabtree, William Arthur (fl 1868-1945), CMS missionary: research and personal papers, 1888-1935. Finding No: CMS/ACC27
  • Crocker, Henry Radcliffe (1846-1909), dermatologist: medical drawings, in watercolour, of the symptoms of skin diseases, c 1880. Finding No: MS858
  • Crossley, Frederick Herbert (1868-1955) of Chester, architectural historian: albums of photographs of church architecture and furnishings, 1912-22. Finding No: MS828
  • Crowther, Dandeson Coates, 1845-1938, Archdeacon: photographs of the graves of Archdeacon Crowther and his wife, Sarah Amelia Crowther, [2017]. Finding No: CMS/ACC1024
  • Crowther, Samuel ‘Adjai’ (1812-1891), clergyman, missionary, linguist:  Genealogical notes giving the descendants of Bishop Samuel Adjai Crowther, the first African Bishop, compiled by Arnold Awoonor-Gordon, great-great-grandson of Bishop Crowther, [c 2015]. Finding No: CMS/ACC1011
  • Cullum, Dennis Noel Johnson (1913-1985), athlete and coach: papers, 1930s-1985. Finding No: ATH/DC
  • Curzon, Jane (fl 1843-70) of Great Malvern, lodging house keeper: journal, 1870. Finding No: MS77
  • Cutter, Abram E. (fl 1873) of Scotland: notes of tours in England and Scotland, 1873. Finding No: MS247