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  • Galsworthy, John (1867-1933), author:
    correspondence, family, literary and other papers, including papers of his nephew, Rudolf Sauter, 1880s-1940s. Finding No: JG
    poem, 1929. Finding No: MS304
    miscellaneous letters, 1907-49. Finding No: JGLAdd
  • Gatward, Willson Bradley (1856-1947), organist: specification notebooks and scrapbook, c 1860-1937. Finding No: BOA
  • Gelsthorpe, Alfred Morris (1892-1968), CMS missionary, Bishop in Sudan 1945-52: official and personal papers, 1924-73. Finding No: CMS/ACC300
  • Gibbs, Mildred Eleanor (1901-1980), missionary, teacher and writer:
  • research papers, 1932-70s. Finding No: DA17;
  • personal and missionary papers, 1873-1979. Finding No: CMS/ACC442
  • Giberne, Caroline Cuffley (d 1885), missionary: sketch book, 1838-62. Finding No: DA18
  • Gielgud, Sir Arthur John (1904-2000), actor and theatre director:
    prompt books, 1924-25. Finding No: MS273;
    annotated typescript, 1956. Finding No: MS788;
    correspondence. Finding No: DSH11
  • Gillingham, Michael John (1933-1999), organ adviser: consultation and other papers, photographs and prints, 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Gillott, Joseph (1799-1873) of Birmingham, pen manufacturer and patron of the arts: letters from artists, 1843-57. Finding No: MS94
  • Glass, Annie Beatrice (b c 1873), CMS missionary: journal, 1900.Finding No: CMS/ACC915
  • Godward, Bill (fl 1978-90) of Long Eaton, Notts, autograph and literary enthusiast: correspondence from Patric Dickinson, signed presentation copies of Dickinson's published works and other miscellaneous letters, 1978-90. Finding No: MS68
  • Goode family of Handsworth, Staffordshire: letters, diary and accounts, 1889-1916. Finding No: MS499
  • Goodwin, Theodore Stewart (fl 1925-47), CMS medical missionary: photograph album, 1926-30. Finding No: CMS/ACC433
  • Gostling, Augustus (1782-1849): travel journals, 1837-38. Finding No: MS222
  • Gould, Edith Baring- (fl 1887-1941), CMS missionary: travel journals and photograph albums, 1887-1941. Finding No: CMS/ACC21, CMS/ACC28
  • Grainger, Percy, 1882-1961, composer. Finding No: MS865
  • Gray, Sir John Milner (18891970), colonial administrator: papers relating to his book, "A History of the Gambia", 1940s-66. Finding No: MS86
  • Green, Miss (fl 1840-41) of Devon: journals, 1840-41. Finding No: MS64
  • Greenwood, James Clayton (1888-1959), YMCA worker: papers primarily relating to his long association with the British Boys for British Farms scheme, 1930s-2009. Finding No: YMCA/ACC43
  • Grierson, Isabella (fl 184460) n-e Ruxton: poem, 1844. Finding No: MS362
  • Grigson, Edward (b 1846), Anglican clergyman: collected notes on Corpus Christi College Cambridge, c 1775-1870. Finding No: MS285
  • Grigson, Geoffrey (1905-1985): poems, c 1940-42. Finding No: MS738
  • Groves, Charles Pelham (1887-1973), Methodist minister, teacher and missionary: scrapbooks relating to Africa, early 20th century 1970. Finding No: DA69
  • Gudin, Baron Jean Antoine Theodore (1802-1880), artist: correspondence and papers, c 1858-88. Finding No: MS475
  • Gutzlaff, Karl (Charles) Friedrich August (1803-1851), missionary, writer and interpreter: papers relating to missionary activity in China, 1827-mid 19th century. Finding No: DA19
  • Gwynne, Bishop Llewellyn Henry (18631957), CMS missionary: diaries, notebooks, correspondence, 1880-1957. Finding No: CMS/ACC18