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  • Ladbury, H. B. (fl 1907-1930), CMS missionary: papers, 1907-30. Finding No: CMS/ACC37

  • Lambert, Annie (fl 1845-46), daughter of John Lambert of London, wine merchant: journals which include record of family visit to Portugal, 1845-46. Finding No: MS241

  • Lambert, Lance Corporal R. (fl 1917): notebook relating to his study on training course at the Grenade School in Otley, Yorkshire, 1917. Finding No: MS802

  • Lanchester, Frederick William (1868-1946), aeronautical and automobile engineer: paper, 1933. Finding No: MS710

  • Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (1802-1838): manuscript short story, early 19th century. Finding No: MS154

  • Lane-Smith, Henry John see Smith, Henry John Lane-

  • Large, Jane (fl 1848), wife of William Large, commercial traveller of Devon: diary, 1848. Finding No: MS54

  • Lash, Augustus Henry (fl 1866-67), CMS missionary:

    papers, 1866-67. Finding No: CMS/ACC42;

    manuscript writings, 1852-1921. Finding No: CMS/ACC348

  • Lavender, Frank Charles (b 1889), soldier: First World War journals, 1916-17. Finding No: MS322

  • Lawson family of Brough Hall, Catterick, Yorkshire: collection of Roman Catholic personal devotions, 1757-1800. Finding No: MS454

  • Lechler, John Howard (1883-1977), CMS missionary: papers relating to the history of the West China mission and diocese, 1900-77. Finding No: CMS/ACC456

  • Lees, Agnes (1882-1971), CMS missionary: personal diaries, 1916-47. Finding No: CMS/ACC203

  • Le Feuve, Arthur see Feuve, Arthur Le

  • Leffler (James) Henry (1761-1819), organist: specification notebook, early 19th cent. Finding No: BOA

  • Leighton family of Shropshire: notes and drawings of tombs and monuments in churches in Shropshire, c 1880-1900. Finding No: MS633
  • Levetus, Celia, 1874-1936, illustrator: pen and ink pictorial border design surrounding verse by Edward Lewis Levetus titled ‘Sybil’, [c 1896]. Finding No: MS901
  • Lewin, Harold Brelsford (1873-1972), CMS missionary: papers and photographs, 1894-1928. Finding No: CMS/ACC276

  • Lewis, Agnes Smith (b 1843), scholar: scrapbooks relating to travels with her sister, Margaret Dunlop Gibson, to Monastery of St Catherine in Sinai and to her writings, 1883-1903. Finding No: DA61

  • Lin, Jennifer, researcher: conference paper titled ‘Zhan Aimei: an ordinary woman in extraordinary times’ presented at the ‘Christian Women in Chinese Society: the Anglican Story’ academic conference 2015. Finding No: CMS/ACC1016

  • Lister family: Letters and notes from Noel Coward to his godson, Christopher Lister, and to his parents and other materials relating to Coward, 1930s-50s. Finding No: MS69

  • Lloyd, Kathleen Grace (1877-1976), nurse: certificates, medals, letters and photograph as Assistant Matron, Birmingham General Hospital, and Matron, First Southern General Hospital, 1912-43. Finding No: MS44

  • Lloyd-Edgley, Ralph (fl 1920s): scrapbook, c1924-c1931. Finding No: ATH/RLE 

  • Lodge, David John (b 1935), novelist:

    literary papers, 1960s-90s. Finding No: DL

    short story, c 1966. MS303

    papers collected by Bernard Bergonzi, 1972-2003. Finding No: MS171

  • Lodge, Sir Oliver (Joseph) (1851-1940), physicist:

    correspondence and papers 1861-1950.  Finding No: OJL

    miscellaneous letters, 1881-1939.  Finding No: OLLAdd

  • Lovell, Mary Jane (1849-1932), missionary: notebooks and correspondence, early 20th cent.  Finding No: MS203/B

  • Ludlam, Thomas (c 1775-1810), colonial governor: extract from journal, 1807. Finding No: MS504

  • Luscombe, John (fl 1820): manuscript story, c 1820. Finding No: MS142

  • Lyall, Frances (fl 1889-97) of Cheltenham: travel diary, 1889-97. Finding No: MS132

  • Lyons, R. N. (fl 1915-1917) of Northern Ireland, Presbyterian minister and YMCA worker: note books and diaries relating to his service as a chaplain serving with the YMCA in France during the First World War, 1915-17. Finding No: YMCA/ACC47

  • Lyttelton, Sir Edward: journal of a tour through South Wales, 1755. Finding No: MS369.

  • Lyttelton family, Viscounts Cobham, Hagley Hall: miscellaneous deeds, 1274-1560. Finding No: HH

  • Lytton, Richard Warburton (fl 1786) of Knebworth House, Hertfordshire: journal, 1786. Finding No: MS695