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  • Wailes, Marilyn (1896-1990), painter, musician and musicologist: research papers on Martin Pearson (1572-1630), English organist and composer, 1940s-50s. Finding No: MW
  • Walker, F. Dennis of Manchester, organ builder (fl 1933-1982): specification books mainly relating to north-west England, 1933-77. Finding No: BOA
  • Walker, Winifred Annie Milnes- (1896-1983), CMS missionary: papers, 1908-80. Finding No: CMS/ACC514
  • Wallace, Sir Richard (1818-1890), art collector: correspondence, 1866-1907. Finding No: MS176
  • Wallis, Godfrey Charles Woodhouse (1917-1980), CMS missionary: diaries, 1973-79. Finding No: CMS/ACC517
  • Wallop, Robert, 1601-1667, politician: answers of Robert Wallop, defendant to a bill of complaint brought by Mary Villiers, 1653. Finding No: MS919
  • Walter, Alfred (1816-c 1906), Public Prosecutor of Birmingham: Birmingham scrapbook, 1850-99. Finding No: MS530
  • Walton, William Gladstone (1869-1948), CMS missionary in Canada: biographies and copies of family photographs, 1899-2010. Finding No: CMS/ACC923
  • Walton, William Howard Murray (1890-1980), CMS missionary: papers, 1915-40. Finding No: CMS/ACC459
  • Ward, Leonard H. (fl mid 20th century), athletics coach: papers, [mid-20th century]. Finding No: ATH/LW
  • Warde, Beatrice Lamberton (1900-1969) nee Becker, typographer: personal, family and professional papers, late 19th-late 20th cents. Finding No: MS823
  • Wareing, Eustace Bernard Foley (1890-1958), writer and civil servant: papers, 1941-44. Finding No: MS43
  • Warner, Thomas (fl 1790s): writing and arithmetic exercise book, 1790s. Finding No: MS134
  • Warren, Sir Henry William Hugh (1891-1961), electrical engineer: papers, 1940-42. Finding No: MS41
  • Warren, Max Alexander Cunningham (1904-1977), clergyman, writer and missionary statesman:
    personal diaries, 1965-70. Finding No: CMS/ACC303;
    personal papers, 1855-1984, Finding No: CMS/ACC388;
    travel diaries, 1943-70. Finding No: CMS/ACC882
  • Watcham, Michael J. (fl 1980s) of Maidstone: notes and photographs of organs mainly relating to Kent, late 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Watman, Melvyn Francis (Mel) (b 1938), athletics journalist and statistician: papers, 1980-1993. Finding No: ATH/MW
  • Watson, Ernest (1887-1975), engineer: papers, 1878-1975. Finding No: MS34
  • Watson, George Wentworth (1857-1940), genealogist: papers, 1920s-30s. Finding No: MS116
  • Watts, Alan Hunter (fl 1876-1917), Anglican clergyman: illuminated address, 1887. Finding No: MS71
  • Wauchope, (Frances) Eveline, b 1891, nurse: copies of a photograph album (1900s-1920) and an illustrated, autograph album (1906-1915) largely compiled during the time when she was nursing in Birmingham, first at the General Hospital and then, during the First World War, at the 1st Southern General [military] Hospital (based at the University of Birmingham), 2014. Finding No: MS871
  • Weatherhead, Henry Walter (1870-1948), CMS missionary: journals, correspondence, manuscript memoirs, 1896-1946. Finding No: CMS/ACC558
  • Weatherhead, Leslie Dixon (1893-1976), Methodist minister and author: papers, 1911-94. Finding No: LW
  • Webb, Philip Speakman, 1831-1915, architect: Letters to and from Philip Webb concerning the design and manufacture of the University of Birmingham mace, 1902-1903. Finding No: MS893
  • Welch, Beatrice (b c 1882) of London, shop assistant: diary, 1899-1900. Finding No: MS187
  • Welch family: miscellaneous papers, 1849-1936. Finding No: MS682
  • Wells, Gwen M. (b c 1898) of Osterley Park, London: diary, 1918. Finding No: MS117
  • West family of Birmingham: papers of and relating to the Birmingham surgeon James Fitzjames Fraser West and his wife, Sarah Hammond West (nee Sellers) and to their families. Finding No: MS804
  • West, James Fitzjames Fraser (1833-1883), surgeon:
    diary, photographs and other papers, 1849-83. Finding No: MS804;
    certificates, 1854. Finding No: MS758
  • West, Samuel (b 1966), actor and director: personal, annotated copies of scripts for productions directed by West, or in which West performed as an actor, and related papers, 2000-2011 (Collection held at the Shakespeare Institute Library). Finding No: DSH26  
  • Westgate, Thomas Buchanan Reginald (1872-1951), CMS missionary: diaries, notebooks, writings and other papers, 1898-1979. Finding No: CMS/ACC491
  • Whidborne, Elfrida (1900-1965), CMS missionary: papers relating to work on infant welfare, 1929-35. Finding No: CMS/ACC490
  • Whitefield, George (1714-1770), Calvinistic Methodist: copies of his letters, 1736-58. Finding No: MS402
  • Whiteside, Richard Alexander (1878-1923), CMS missionary: diaries, journals and other papers, 1899-1923. Finding No: CMS/ACC317
  • Whiteside, Susanna Elizabeth (1876-1945), nee Bryers, CMS missionary: diaries, journals and other papers, 1905-23. Finding No: CMS/ACC317
  • Whittenbury, John Llewellyn (fl 1841-42): journal, 1841-42. Finding No: MS346
  • Whitworth, Letitia (1902-1995), Church Army worker: photographs of CMS West China mission, 1932-67. Finding No: CMS/ACC565
  • Wight, Robert M., athletics administrator: papers, [mid-20th century]. Finding No: ATH/RW
  • Wilkes family of Sedgley, Staffordshire: correspondence, deeds and other papers, 1566-1883. Finding No: MS82
  • Wilkinson, (Kenneth) Douglas (1886-1951), biographer of William Withering: research papers, 1540-1940. Finding No: WIT
  • Wilkinson, Robert (fl 1823): travel journal, 1823. Finding No: MS9
  • Wilkinson, William (fl 1840-90), clergyman: address, 1890. Finding No: MS257
  • Wilkinson family: school exercise books, 1850s-1870s. Finding No: MS55
  • Williams, (Benjamin) Gordon (1885-1966), Membership Secretary, later Assistant Secretary, YMCA Birmingham: records relating to B. Gordon Williams' experiences serving with the British forces in Egypt and the Mediterranean during the First World War; the death of Sir George Williams (1821-1905) and a small selection of YMCA printed material. Finding No: YMCA/ACC51
  • Williams, Ethel M. of Handsworth, Birmingham (fl 1900-1920): personal autograph book, c1914-1920. Finding No: MS868
  • Williams, John Gordon, religious educator and broadcaster: personal and business correspondence, in part relating to his BBC broadcasts and publications, 1924-[late 20th century]. Finding No: MS888
  • Williamson, Roy (b 1937) of Cheltenham, organist and organ scholar: reports, papers and photographs of redundant organs, late 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Willis, Isabella Martha (1809-1893) nee Wale: diaries and household accounts, 1859-75. Finding No: MS278
  • Willoughby, William Charles (1857-1938), missionary and writer: research and other papers, 1874-1936. Finding No: DA49
  • Wills, William Leonard (fl 1846-96) of Birmingham: papers relating to research on William Makepeace Thackeray, 1846-96. Finding No: MS242
  • Willson, H. A. (fl c 1870): book of song lyrics, c 1870. Finding No: MS604
  • Wilmot-Brooke, Graham see Brooke, Graham Wilmot-
  • Winch, Donald Norman (b1935), economist: copies of correspondence with Professor Terence Hutchison and associated papers, 1963-2008. Finding No: MS820
  • Winter, Arthur E. H. (d 1990), athlete and athletics commentator: papers, [early 20th century]-1983. Finding No: ATH/AW
  • Wilson, Charles Thomas (1852-1917), CMS missionary: correspondence, sketches and watercolours, 1875-1965. Finding No: CMS/ACC364
    diaries, printed materials and other papers, 1876-1915. Finding No: CMS/ACC917
  • Wingate, Andrew (fl 1980-99), author: papers relating to religious conversions, 1980-82. Finding No: DA50
  • Winter, Arthur E. H. (d 1990), athlete and athletics commentator: papers, [early 20th century]-1983. Finding No: ATH/AW
  • Winter, Thomas (1855-1939), YMCA worker: typescript of experiences of the First World War, compiled May 1919. Finding No: YMCA/ACC11
  • Withering, William (1741-1799), physician, botanist and mineralogist:
    letters. Finding No: WL
    copies of letters, 1766-96. Finding No: MS735
    biographers, research papers, 1540-1940. Finding No: WIT
  • Wolfe, Minnie, 1865-1955; Wolfe, Annie, 1870-1955; Wolfe, Amy, 1875-1962, missionaries: published account of the lives of the Wolfe sisters, missionaries to Fukien, China. Written by Frances Slater. Finding No: CMS/ACC1022
  • Wolff, Edith (fl 1930s): correspondence and notebooks, 1930s. Finding No: DA63
  • Wood, J. (fl 1838-51), Methodist minister: diary, 1838-51. Finding No: MS194
  • Wood, Thomas (b 1719) of Billericay, Essex: copies of letters, 1771-81. Finding No: MS494
  • Woodford, David (fl 1948-1970): organ specification notebooks, 1948-70. Finding No: BOA
  • Wordsworth, Christopher (1848-1938), clergyman and historian: notes on the history of the Sarum Missal of 1405, 1902. Finding No: MS290
  • Wright, Donald (d 2005), organ consultant and adviser: consultancy papers, late 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Wright, F. H. (fl 1897-1932), CMS missionary: papers, 1897-1932. Finding No: CMS/ACC64
  • Wright, George Basil (1917-1996), CMS missionary: papers, 1952-59. Finding No: CMS/ACC512
  • Wright, Sarah (fl 1812) of Birmingham: specimens of penmanship, 1812. Finding No: MS300
  • Wyatt, Alfred Ernest (Rex) (1912-1977), CMS missionary: correspondence, photographs, and printed documents, 1934-51. Finding No: CMS/ACC912
  • Wyatt, Edith Victoria (1907-2002) nee Parker, CMS missionary: correspondence, photographs and printed documents, 1934-51. Finding No: CMS/ACC912
  • Wyatt, John (1700-1766) of Birmingham, inventor: diary fragments, correspondence and family papers, 1710-91. Finding No: WP
  • Wyrley, William (1565-1618), antiquary and herald: collection, c 1585. Finding No: MS544