Archive of previous external loans

The Cadbury Research Library has loaned elements of its collections out to many external exhibitions. This is a partial record of these loans.


13th March-1st September - Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy


14th November 2014-29th March 2015 - A Victorian Obsession: The Pérez Simón Collection


19th November 2013-2nd March 2014 - In the temple of the self

8th November 2013-30th November 2014 - Faith and fortune: visualising the divine on Byzantine and early Islamic coinage

6th September 2013-24th January 2014 - "It's Arsenal around here": 100 years in Islington

7th June-26th August - Defining faces

3rd June-27th September - 150 years of St John's College, 1863-2013


27th July 2009-2nd September 2012 - Outbreak 1939