Loan request process

Please read our Information for Borrowers (PDF - 123KB) or Information for Borrowers (DOC - 49KB) 

The Cadbury Research Library is a Special Collections facility, not a lending library, the material in our care is preserved in environmentally controlled stores. It is made accessible to registered readers in the safe, environmentally controlled, invigilated surroundings of the search room.

Making a loan request

The Cadbury Research Library will consider requests to borrow material for exhibition purposes only, at other venues. This also applies to requests by all other venues within the University of Birmingham.  We require six months' notice for loan requests and letters must be addressed to the Director of Special Collections:

Susan Worrall
Director of Special Collections
Cadbury Research Library
University of Birmingham
Birmingham  B15 2TT

If you would like to request material the letter should include:

  • Item details including the accession number.
  • Exhibition dates and any tour venues and dates.
  • Reason for the loan and exhibition context.
  • Completed (1) UKRG Facilities Report (2) UKRG Security Supplement (3) UKRG Display Case Supplement. Blank copies of these three documents are available from the UK Registrars Group.
  • Environmental charts for the exhibition period one year prior to the proposed dates.
  • Contact details for the registrar or loan administrator.
  • Confirmation that your organisation will meet insurance costs.
  • Confirmation that your organisation will meet transport costs from one of our approved transport agents: C'ARTMomart or Constantine.

Assessment of loan requests

Loan requests will be discussed at our Exhibitions Group meetings. Final decision rests with the Director of Special Collections.  If your request is successful you will be sent a loan agreement to sign and return. Loans are agreed subject to the condition of the item requested, the context of the exhibition, whether the item is already committed for loan, whether the item is required for teaching or research, and whether the item has recently been on display. The CRL has a strong track record of lending material for exhibition at other organisations and will endeavour to facilitate loans for public exhibition whenever possible.

Loan duration

Loans are normally for a period of three to six months. 

Credit line

Each loan item must be credited: 'Lent by the Cadbury Research Library, University of Birmingham' in the exhibition caption.

Exhibiting reproductions

To request permission to display reproductions of Special Collections material in exhibitions, please use the form 'Requesting images for publication, exhibition or sharing' available from Imaging Services.

Loan enquiries

For enquiries about borrowing material for exhibition please contact:

Sarah Kilroy
Head of Conservation and Programming
Cadbury Research Library
University of Birmingham
Birmingham  B15 2TT

Or send an initial question to the CRL team through the online inquiry form.