Machine Rig and Dynamometer

The rig consists of two 100kW induction machines connected in a nose-to-nose configuration and is equipped with torque and speed transducers to form a highly versatile research tool. State of the art electronic drives and power analysers allow the detailed study of highly complex and power system configurations. A combination of hardware and software based control of the system enables the modelling and evaluation of advanced control strategies and hybrid power systems of today, and provides the means of evaluating potential drive-train architectures of the future.

Features include:

  • DynamometerFully programmable computer control
  • Maximum power throughput of 100kW
  • Maximum torque of 700Nm
  • Exposed DC-link for interfacing with electrical energy storage devices (series-hybrid)
  • Multi-quadrant operation of dynamometer (speed/torque)
  • 3Phase power analysers
  • Multiple User Interfaces: Manual; C#; Matlab/Simulink;                               EitherCAT; CAN