Sample collection

Researcher holding up a tissue blockThe HBRC facilitates sample collection in line with local and national research strategies. The facility also carries out bespoke tissue collections in areas where there is a specific research need.

The HBRC is approved to collect samples from most NHS Trusts in the West Midlands.

Currently the facility collects and supplies fresh tissue, fresh-frozen tissue, formalin-fixed tissue and paraffin-embedded sections, blood/blood derivatives, urine and other bodily fluids.

These materials are derived from patients in a wide variety of disease settings and may comprise tissue which is:

  • surplus to diagnosis taken at the time of surgery or treatment
  • waste material
  • additional samples taken for research purposes
  • material taken from patients taking part in clinical trials
  • control material (including healthy volunteers)
  • material from deceased donations.

Sections from archived diagnostic fixed tissue blocks are also accessible through the HBRC.

The HBRC will set up sample collections where there is a research need with no upfront costs. The samples will be stored until they are required for a specific research project.

The HBRC can provide clinical datasets associated with samples.

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