Access to samples and associated data

Scientist using a microscope and computer screen showing scientific data onResearchers may apply to access samples already stored, or to set up bespoke collections, by completing an application form which will then be reviewed by the HBRC Access Review Panel.

Associated clinical datasets extracted from patient health records can also be provided and are included in the application/review process.

All samples and associated data are released to researchers in an anonymised form.

Once applications are approved, the researcher signs a Tissue Transfer Agreement which governs the use of the material following release from the HBRC.

National and international collaborations are welcomed. An agreement must be in place, signed by the University of Birmingham and the recipient organisation, before transfer to/from the University of Birmingham can begin.

The HBRC recovers the costs associated with the provision of samples. These should be discussed early on, and when appropriate included in research grant applications.

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