Horticultural services

Located within the School of Biosciences are six containment glasshouses and two large walk in growth rooms, with lighting, heating, air conditioning, shade screens and watering all individually controlled and fully automated including a growth room with integral humidification. Further facilities include growth cabinets, separate glasshouse unit, plant preparation area and nearby autoclave.

The horticulture facility provides plants for fundamental and translational research in a wide range of areas. These include research council, charitable and EU funded work in plant cell biology and genetics, focusing on topics such as self-incompatibility, chromosome organization and meiosis, biotic and abiotic stress, plant development and evolution. A broad range of species are routinely grown for these studies ranging from model organisms such as Arabidopsis and rice through to crop species such as barley, brassica, poppy, selaginella and moss.

Working in collaboration with departments across the University and a wider audience, the horticultural facility also supplies plants and growth areas for under-graduate teaching courses, provides desired growth conditions for research projects and plant materials used in school visits and external projects

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