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For further information regarding Horticultural Services, contact:

Karen StaplesKaren Staples
Chief Horticultural Technician

Karen Staples is a skilled and qualified horticulturalist with nearly 40 years experience in the horticultural industry. Her in depth knowledge and experience enable her to manage the facility effectively and cultivate many varied species of plants for research and teaching, including Arabidopsis, Brassica, Tobacco and Wheat. If you have any initial enquiries regarding the facility, please contact Karen via email. 

Professor Daniel GibbsDan Gibbs
Academic Lead for Horticultural Facility

Professor Gibbs' group investigates how plants use protein degradation as a mechanism for regulating cellular processes and sensing diverse signals. We are particularly interested in hypoxiasignalling and flooding stress, protein acetylation, and co-translational protein quality control.The general aim of our work is to increase our understanding of how plants develop and survive in dynamic environments, and to identify promising targets that can be manipulated in agriculturally important crops to improve growth, productivity and stress tolerance