Object of the Month - Bornite

 Pauline Bailey, a visual artist and curator who has worked closely wih the Lapworth Museum, describes Bornite or 'Peacock Ore'.


Hi, I'm Pauline Bailey, visual artist and curator, and I've been working with the Lapworth for quite a while now on a couple of arts projects with collaboration with other artists and some local schools. And my favourite object of the month is Bornite, and this stuff always takes my breath away. In particular the peacock ore - this is probably absolutely my favourite.

I mean every time you look into a piece of bornite there’s probably every single colour of the rainbow in there, but there’s usually a particular colour that’s more dominant. I can’t give you the scientific reasons for that, because I’m just drawn to these for aesthetic reasons. You know, because I love the colours. I am a bit like a child in a sweet shop really. I just want to, hop, and skip, and jump and sing. I mean every single time I see this stuff, it takes my breath away, absolutely takes my breath away.

There’re so many pieces in the museum that you can be exploring, and I would recommend anyone to come down and just do that journey, get yourself lost in the collection, because some of the pieces are absolutely amazing.

What I'm wearing today is quite by accident. I didn't even really plan to be wearing purples,
but clearly purple is one of my favourite colours. I like the, feel of them, the sort of visceral nature of these crystals. I mean, this is just a tip of the iceberg. This is just a small selection of the collection. And I just absolutely love this stuff. Absolutely love it. But this is my object of the month.