Object of the Month:
Charles Lapworth's Microscope

Emma, a student from University of Melbourne, talks about her choice of object of the month.


Title: Object of the Month - Charle's Lapworth's Microscope - Lapworth Musem of Geology

Duration: 0.47 minutes

Speaker Names (if given): S1 Emma, University of Melborne student

S1: I’m Emma, I’m a student at University of Melbourne and I’m here at University of Birmingham to study your vast collections and at the Lapworth Museum of Geology I’ve chosen this object here as the object of the month. It is Lapworth’s microscope. He designed it and it was produced in Birmingham to study the graptolites. I’ve selected this microscope for the object of the month because I really believe it highlights the diversity of the collection and it reinserts Professor Lapworth and his assistants into the museum narrative and reminds us of his achievements.