Object of the Month - Pteranodon

Steve shares his object of the month - Pteranodon

 Steve, a regular visitor to the museum with his family, share his favourite geological object, the flying pteranodon.


Hi, my name's Steve Tippin and my chosen object is this wonderful pteranodon skeleton behind me that you can see suspended from the roof.

What I like about this exhibit is not only its beautiful form with a graceful wing structure, but also that it is suspended from the ceiling as if it is in flight. And I feel quite motivated to go away and find out what other people think about, pteranodons or what they've learned about them. So, for example, the very rigid torso which gave this pteranodon a more efficient respiratory system as some people think, more efficient than modern day bats at least. And the difference in wing structure between the pteranodon and bats and birds, although these structures have, evolved or been created, independently.