Abstract Submission

Abstract submission has now closed. 

Please note, if your abstract submission is successful, you will need to register and pay to attend the conference to present, and/or to display a poster. This can be done in-person, or virtually.

Abstracts were submitted under the below scientific themes:

  • X-ray and Gamma Ray Detectors
  • Novel Ionising Radiation Detection Systems
  • Position Sensitive Fast Timing Detectors
  • Detectors for High Radiation and Extreme Environments
  • Advances in Pixel Detectors and Integration Technologies
  • Gas-based Detectors
  • Medical Applications of Position Sensitive Detectors
  • Detectors for Neutron Facilities
  • Detectors for FELS, Synchrotrons and Other Advanced Light Sources
  • Applications in Life Sciences and Biology
  • Applications in Astronomy, Planetary and Space Science
  • Applications in Security and Environmental Imaging
  • Applications in Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Industry
  • Applications in Particle Physics
  • Applications in Astro-particle Physics
  • Applications in Condensed Matter

Papers submitted to the conference will be published through the Journal of Instrumentation.