Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now open. The deadline for submissions is Monday 14 June 2021. 

Please note, if your abstract submission is successful, you will need to register and pay to attend the conference to present, and/or to display a poster. This can be done in-person, or virtually.

Submit your abstract online 

Abstracts can be submitted under the below scientific themes:

  • X-ray and Gamma Ray Detectors
  • Novel Ionising Radiation Detection Systems
  • Position Sensitive Fast Timing Detectors
  • Detectors for High Radiation and Extreme Environments
  • Advances in Pixel Detectors and Integration Technologies
  • Gas-based Detectors
  • Medical Applications of Position Sensitive Detectors
  • Detectors for Neutron Facilities
  • Detectors for FELS, Synchrotrons and Other Advanced Light Sources
  • Applications in Life Sciences and Biology
  • Applications in Astronomy, Planetary and Space Science
  • Applications in Security and Environmental Imaging
  • Applications in Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Industry
  • Applications in Particle Physics
  • Applications in Astro-particle Physics
  • Applications in Condensed Matter

Papers submitted to the conference will be published through the Journal of Instrumentation.