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Conference dates confirmed as Sunday 12th September to Friday 17th September 2021

Due to continuing uncertainties around international travel the conference will be offered in a “hybrid mode" (both in-person and virtual) with enhanced participation enabled for those only able to join remotely due to restrictions. These are described in greater detail on the registration page.

The highly interdisciplinary nature of this conference series means in-person registration is strongly encouraged for anyone able to safely travel to Birmingham, but we will also do our best to create as immersive a conference experience as possible for those unable to physically attend. 

For both in-person and virtual participation the discounted early-bird registration closes on 1 August. Standard registration will still be possible up to 8th September.

Early bird registration is still open!

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The conference will feature the latest developments in position sensitive detectors from leading researchers around the world, and across a wide range of scientific disciplines. The conference has a strong multidisciplinary emphasis, and encourages cross-fertilisation and transfer of ideas between researchers working in many different fields.

All sessions are plenary, starting with an overview presentation by a keynote speaker and followed by the research presentations on that topic.

Keynote speakers:

The provisional list of keynote speakers is: Helen Boston (Liverpool), Michael Campbell (CERN), Nicolo Cartiglia (INFN Torino), Cinzia Da Via (Manchester), Heinz Graafsma (DESY), Richard Hall-Wilton (ESS), Tomasz Hemperek (Bonn), Andrew Holland (Open University), Robert Johnson (Santa Cruz), Ralf Kaiser (Glasgow), Gregor Kramberger (JSI Ljubljana), Eraldo Oliveri (INFN Pisa), Petra Riedler (CERN), Vincent Schoepff (CEA), Reinhard Schulte (Loma Linda), Nicola Tartoni (DSL).

There will also be 2 days of industry exhibitions on Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 September, and 2 days of poster presentations on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 September.

Further information can be found on the INDICO website and the conference poster.

We look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city. Birmingham is the heart of the West Midlands, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century.

Explore our beautiful campus while you are in Birmingham.

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