iQ Clock Industry Day


IQ-Clock-Web-bannerFinal-01iQ Clock Industry Day - Thursday 24th March 2022

Kicked-off in October 2018, the iqClock EC Quantum Flagship project is coming to a close this Spring.

On this occasion, we invite interested parties from across industry and academia to join us for the iqClock Industry Day. We will showcase the results of the project and draw up perspectives for the next steps towards the commercialisation of optical lattice clock technology including routes to end user cases for optical clock technology.

With the iqClock Industry Day, we offer a stage to stakeholders from inside and outside the iqClock Consortium. The two sessions include time for panel discussion with the session speakers.

The event is free to attend will be fully virtual with details on how to access the Zoom meeting communicated a few days prior.

Outline for the iQ Clock Industry Day

  • Welcome

    13:00 – 13.15    Welcome and opening address (Florian Schreck, UvA)


    Session 1: Developments for a transportable lattice clock in the iqClock project

    13:15 – 13.30    TOPTICA Photonics (Ole Kock)                 Commercial laser systems for optical clocks

    13:30 – 13:45    Chronos Technology (Tony Flavin)           Timing solutions for Life, the Universe and Everything.

    5 min break

    13:50 - 14.05    Acktar (Irene Katsnelson)                           Ultrablack coatings for ultracold atoms (tentative title)

    14:05 – 14:20    UoB (Yogeshwar Kale)                                 The iqClock Industry Clock Demonstrator

    14:20 – 14:40    Questions session for all talks in this session


    14:40 – 15:00    BREAK


    Session 2: Transportable atomic clock technology and its application

    15:00 – 15.20    QUBIG (Miguel Martinez Dorantes)          Empowering laser technologies

    15:20 – 15:40    iXblue (Bruno Pelle)                                      Cold-atom-based commercial microwave clocks at 1×10^-15                                                                                                                   relative instability over more than a month

    5 min break

    15:45 – 16:05    PTB (Ingo Nosske)                                        The transportable strontium lattice clock at PTB

    16:05 – 16:25    BT (Andrew Lord)                                         Ultra-precise timing and synchronisation in future telecom networks

    16:25 – 16:45    Q&A for all session

     16:45 – 17:00    Closing

 Registrations are now closed.

Please note, joining instructions will be circulated the week of the event.

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