NMR Basic Training 2014

BasicTraining_logoWelcome to Basic Training week (3 - 5 Nov)!

We are pleased to offer a 3-day course (with option to attend one or more days) that focusses on some fundamental concepts in protein NMR as well as provides a "quick start" guide to protein structure determination (from data to structure) & the study of protein-protein interactions. The course includes theory, exercises and hands-on practice, as well as other useful hints and tips not always found in text books. Training is provided by the experts!

 ** Course completed **

Course organiser: Dr Sara Whittaker

This year's course is aimed at beginner's and intermediate level (e.g. Year 1 and 2 PhD) and is intended to provide a platform from which students can interact with expert instructors and ask questions in a friendly environment.

Days 2 & 3 provide an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to familiarise themselves with CcpNmr Analysis software for resonance assignment and structure calculation, irrespective of their NMR experience (i.e. both days would also be suitable for experienced NMR spectroscopists). Both days will be instructed by a member of the CCPN project team whose software continues to be actively supported.

There will be ample time for Q&A sessions each day. It is the instructors' challenge to ensure that everyone takes away more knowledge than they arrived with! Anyone looking for a refresher in NMR is also very welcome to attend.

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of basic NMR theory will be assumed (even if not fully understood!). Some hands-on spectrometer experience is preferable, though not a necessity. Laptops, with CcpNmr Analysis software pre-installed, will be required for practical sessions on Days 2 & 3 (not supplied).


Programme Summary

Day 1: Fundamental concepts in protein NMR (theory & exercises)

Day 2: Resonance assignment (theory & practice) & protein-protein interactions

Day 3: Structure calculation & evaluation (theory & practice)


We look forward to seeing you!