Biomolecular NMR Facility

Researchers from across the world are invited to study the 3D structures and interactions of proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids and metabolites at the Henry Wellcome Building for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (HWB-NMR). We offer a £16m national resource based in Birmingham, providing scientists with insights into the molecular basis of biological mechanisms in human and environmental health, and in the lifecycles of micro-organisms.

About us

We offer access to seven NMR spectrometers at the Henry Wellcome Building, a national NMR facility based in Birmingham


We offer hands-on access to the UK's only cryogenic probe-equipped 900 MHz and 1.0 GHz spectrometers


We support internationally competitive biomedical research by academic and industrial users


We provide access to experts and non-experts


Biomolecular NMR Facility - University of Birmingham

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News from HWB-NMR

HWB-NMR's annual NMR user symposium took place on Fri 8 Dec 2023. Our thanks to Vittoria Nanna (Birmingham), Jozef Lewandowksi (Warwick), Joe Cassar (Birmingham), Flemming Hansen (UCL), Dominik Kubicki (Birmingham) for excellent scientific talks, as well as to Vicky Higman & Gary Thompson for presenting latest developments in the CcpNmr software. It was a pleasure to see everyone at HWB-NMR again!

1.2 GHz NMR arrives on UK shores in 2025 - the world's highest field NMR spectrometer! HWB-NMR expects to take delivery of its second gigahertz instrument by mid-summer 2025. The 1.2 GHz spectrometer is jointly funded by the University of Birmingham and UKRI/EPSRC and will be equipped for pushing the boundaries in both solution and solid state NMR of biomolecules.

We are pleased to be partners on the recent EU Commission funded project, "Remote NMR (R-NMR)", that aims to establish wide-spread remote access for all users to NMR spectrometers across Europe. Including 26 European NMR facilities, the consortium will work together to create guidelines and best practice for remote access to NMR instrumentation, for storage of and secure access to NMR data, and for remote training of users, including training of non-experts. Part of the program will be to monitor CO2 consumption, with the aim of reducing the overall CO2 footprint of NMR infrastructures. Please visit the website for further information.

We are excited to offer UK-based academics, involved in biomedical research, Wellcome-supported free access on the new 1.0 GHz, 900 (& 800) MHz spectrometersGet in touch

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Teresa Carlomagno as the new Director of HWB-NMR from 1 October 2021. We look forward to Professor Carlomagno joining the UK NMR community and taking the GHz facility forward in this new decade and beyond.

UK's highest field NMR spectrometer (1.0 GHz) has arrived at HWB-NMR under blue skies - early stages of installation currently taking place - very exciting!  

The new 800 MHz NEO spectrometer console has been installed and the 5mm TCI cryoprobe (with 19F capability) is now available to use. A 1.7mm TCI cryoprobe to follow in 2019. Free Wellcome-Trust supported access to UK users! Please email Dr Sara Whittaker for access.

HWB-NMR has been selected by UKRI to host a national 1.0 GHz spectrometer for solution state biomolecular NMR research. We expect to take delivery of the new magnet by April 2020 and for it to be operational in the summer of 2020. Free Wellcome-Trust supported access to UK users!

The Wellcome Trust has funded 5 years of free access to the 800 and 900 MHz spectrometers for UK-based users involved in biomedical research from 2018. The award includes a welcome 800 MHz spectrometer upgrade. Please email Dr Sara Whittaker for access.