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We offer four ways to use our services, including hands-on access to the UK's only cold probe-equipped 900 MHz spectrometer.

1. Spectrometer Time we provide you with hands-on spectrometer access to our systems; this level is ideal for expert NMR users.

2. Collaboration we collect and process your NMR data, and will help with preparation of joint research grant applications and publications; this level is often used by academic groups looking to build a complementary NMR component to their research.

3. Contract Research we help to prepare your samples, collect and process the NMR data, and help analyze the results; this level is suited to organizations and companies wishing to out-source their NMR research and development work.

4. Partnership for companies wishing to demonstrate new NMR technologies or products or to develop new NMR applications and markets.

The user policies and fees are based on consultation with the users, university and funders.

Benefits of access include:

  • personal consultation regarding the best spectrometers, probe, pulse sequences and software available for your research
  • on-line scheduling to reserve time on spectrometers on an hourly or daily basis from your computer
  • remote access to control NMR acquisitions (subject to agreement)
  • training on NMR spectrometer setup and probe operations
  • advanced software for automated assignment, structure determination and molecular graphics, modelling and dynamics simulation
  • personal computer account on networked workstations, terabyte RAID server, 1000 node cluster, data backup by tape and CD/DVD, all secured by hardwire firewall and linked by a gigabit ethernet
  • dedicated wet-lab for NMR sample preparation stocked with consumables, centrifuges, pH meter, refrigerators, freezers, multi-tube cleaner, dryer and fumehood
  • nearby Protein Expression Facility for preparation of isotope labelled proteins, offering 96-well plate screening for NMR solution conditions and ligands
  • preparation and storage of metabolomics samples including cell extracts, biofluids and tissue samples.


We welcome new users to submit NMR samples or ask about services or collaborative opportunities.

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NMR facility floorplan, showing the different areas