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We welcome users from academic institutions and industry to access our facility. We offer two modes of user access: “expert” and “non-expert”.   

 Please state the desired mode of access upon application for measurement time.


  • Expert users will receive assistance with the set up of experiments, as required

  • Non-expert users can choose to be supported through a 4-step process:

  1. Advice on which structural biology/metabolomics technique is best to address the question
  2. Assistance in planning and executing sample preparation either in home laboratories or at UoB
  3. Assistance and training in NMR data acquisition and analysis. Remote training in data analysis, exploiting user-based computational infrastructure, will be offered as well
  4. Guidance in molecular modelling using either NMR-only or hybrid structural biology data


If “Non-expert user” mode is chosen, HWB-NMR staff will contact you to discuss your needs and design a bespoke program of support.