About Research and Cultural Collections

The University of Birmingham’s Research and Cultural Collections display and care for a range of artefacts of local, national and international significance.

The department is responsible for collections that represent the history and development of research and teaching at the University. The collections include scientific instruments, objects pertaining to the history of the University, art and ancient archaeology. Research and Cultural Collections aims to make these extraordinary collections accessible and relatable to staff, students, researchers and the wider public. 

The department supports researchers worldwide by facilitating access to objects and collections-related expertise, and broadens and deepens student learning by supporting object-based learning. Our temporary exhibitions programme introduces audiences to these unique collections. 

Objects are integral to teaching and research at the University of Birmingham, with the result that objects are often embedded and displayed within academic departments relevant to their origins or purpose. They cover a breadth of disciplines and reflect the incredible range of academic work at the University. Other objects and works of art are dispersed throughout the campus in the very places where students and staff study, work and relax for the enjoyment of all. 

Explore our website to find out more about the collections, what we do and how you can learn about the extraordinary objects we care for.