Library books

Most of the books at the library are reference only. This ensures that all items are available to library users unless actively being used by another reader on the premises.

There is a small long loan collection for books that support the MA courses run by the Shakespeare Institute. All University of Birmingham students and staff can borrow books from the long loan collection.​

The University of Birmingham online catalogue, FindIt@Bham, can be used to search the library’s book collection. See Searching the library for more information about the online catalogues available.​

We also provide:​

  • e-books​
  • Online journals​
  • Periodicals​
  • Theses and dissertations​
  • Newspaper cuttings dating from 1902 to 2022

New arrivals 

Newly arrived books and DVDs at the Shakespeare Institute Library are listed below. We will update the list regularly when new books arrive and have been processed.​

February 2023

  • Annand, Simon. Time to act. Uitgeverij Terra, 2020. Classmark qPN 2597 
  • The Arden handbook of Shakespeare and early modern drama: perspectives on culture, performance and identity. Edited by Michelle M. Dowd and Tom Rutter. Arden Shakespeare, 2023. Classmark PR 658.S46
  • Borlik, Todd Andrew. Shakespeare beyond the green world: drama and ecopolitics in Jacobean Britain. Oxford University Press, 2023. Classmark PR 3039 
  • Church, Tony. A stage for a kingdom. Oneiro Press, 2013. Classmark PN 2598.C48 
  • Croall, Jonathan. Sybil Thorndike: a star of life. Haus, 2008. Classmark PN 2598.T5 
  • Devising in process. Edited by Alex Mermikides and Jackie Smart. Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Classmark PN 2193.E86
  •  Dickson, Lisa, Shannon Murphy and Jessica Riddell. Shakespeare's guide to hope, life and learning. University of Toronto Press, 2023. Classmark PR 2987 
  • Digital Shakespeares from the global south. Edited by Amrita Sen. Palgrave Macmillan, 2022. Classmark PR 2880.A1  

  • Early modern liveness: mediating presence in text, stage and screen. Edited by Danielle Rosvally and Donovan Sherman. Arden Shakespeare, 2023. Classmark PR 3091  
  • Elizabethan poetry in manuscript: an edition of British Library Harley MS 7392(2). Edited by Jessica Edmondes. Iter Press, 2022. Classmark PR 1207  
  • Hadfield, Andrew. Thomas Nashe and late Elizabethan writing. Reaktion Books, 2023. Classmark PR 2727 
  • Hudson, Benjamin. Macbeth before Shakespeare. Oxford University Press, 2023. Classmark PR 2823 
  • Iyengar, Sujata. Shakespeare and adaptation theory. Arden Shakespeare, 2023. Classmark PR 2880.A1  
  • King Lear: Shakespeare, the critical tradition. Edited by Kevin J. Donovan. Arden Shakespeare, 2023. Classmark PR 2819 
  • Kronika zamkowa roczniki : The castle chronicles annals. Editors of the volume Agnieszka Żukowska, Jacek Żukowski. Zamek Królewski w Warszawie-Muzeum, 2022. Classmark PN 1607 
  • Kulick, Brian. Staging the end of the world: theatre in a time of climate crisis. Methuen Drama, 2023. Classmark PN 1642  
  • Maclaurin, Ali and Aoife Monks. Costume: readings in theatre practice. Palgrave, 2015. Classmark PN 2067 
  • Mancewicz, Aneta. Hamlet after deconstruction. Palgrave Macmillan, 2022. Classmark PR 2807  
  • Olk, Claudia. Shakespeare and Beckett: restless echoes. Cambridge University Press, 2023. Classmark PR 2973.B4 

  •  Percy, William. The aphrodysial or sea-feast. Edited by Maria Shmygol. (Malone Society reprints vol. 189, 2022). Manchester University Press, 2022. Classmark PR 1261.M2-2022

  • Performing Restoration Shakespeare. Edited by Amanda Eubanks Winkler, Claude Fretz and Richard Schoch. Cambridge University Press, 2023. Classmark PR 3097  
  • Practices of ephemera in early modern England. Edited by Callan Davies, Hannah Lilley and Catherine Richardson. Routledge, 2023. Classmark Z 688.P74 
  • Reimagining Shakespeare education: teaching and learning through collaboration. Edited by Liam E. Semler, Claire Hansen and Jacqueline Manuel. Cambridge University Press, 2023. Classmark PR 2987  
  • Robertson, Lauren. Entertaining uncertainty in the early modern theater: stage spectacle and audience response. Cambridge University Press, 2023. Classmark PR 658.A8 
  • Shakespeare and virtue: a handbook. Edited by Julia Reinhard Lupton and Donovan Sherman. Cambridge University Press, 2023. Classmark PR 3007 
  • Stanmore, Tabitha. Love spells and lost treasure: service magic in England from the later middle ages to the early modern era. Cambridge University Press, 2022. Classmark BF 1622.E5  

  • Taylor-Collins, Nicholas. Shakespeare, memory, and modern Irish literature. Manchester University Press, 2022. Classmark PR 2971.I65 
  • White people in Shakespeare: essays on race, culture and the elite. Edited by Arthur L. Little. Arden Shakespeare, 2023. Classmark PR 2992.W45  

  • Zajac, Paul Joseph. Emotion and the self in English Renaissance literature. Cambridge University Press, 2023. Classmark PR 428.E59