Podcasts and Videos

Our fellows have produced short videos introducing themselves and their projects. All videos can be accessed through the YouTube playlist below:


Below are some photos from our training events and other Interfaces-related activities. Click on any of the photos for a larger version.

ER3 Mukundh Balasubramanian at Experimental Biology conference in San Diego, April 2016

Photos are ©Mukundh Balasubramanian

Mukundh Experimental Biology 1Mukundh Experimental Biology 2







ESR9 Viktor Baranov's photos, February 2016

Photos by VIktor Baranov from various secondments and project activities. Hover over each image to see a more detailed description.

 Experiments with lake sediment respiration using "smart " tracer resazurinCollection of lake sediment and fuorometer calibration in the labCollection of lake sediment and fuorometer calibration in the lab 2Field work on Langersee lake in east German state of Brandenburg - Communicating science to a stakeholderExperiments with lake sediment respiration using "smart " tracer resazurin 2Bloodworms (Chironomus plumosus)Experimental set-up


 On field trip with chironomid expert Dr Peter Langton on the 19th International Chironomidae Symposium in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 20th August 2014Viktor presenting first results of his "Interfaces" research on 19th International Chironomidae Symposium in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 19th August 2014Viktor at the international bioturbation conference "Nereis Park", Plymouth, 3rd July 2014, where is project presentation won a best student talk prize

















AGU Conference San Francisco, December 2015

Below are some photos of Interfaces researchers and their poster presentations at the AGU 2015 Conference in San Francisco.

All photos are ©Karlie McDonald

 AGU Amaia MarruedoAGU Karlie McDonaldAGU Paul RomeijnAGU Stefan KrauseAGU Viktor Baranov







Fieldwork in Plymouth, UK, October 2015

The photos below were taken during ESR9 Viktor Baranov's secondment at the University of Birmingham, which involved fieldwork in collaboration with the Plymouth Marine Lab on the research vessel "Plymouth Quest".

All photos are ©Dr Ana Queiros and ©Viktor Baranov

  Plymouth Fieldwork 1Plymouth Fieldwork 2Plymouth Fieldwork 3Plymouth Fieldwork 4Plymouth Fieldwork 5Plymouth Fieldwork 6Plymouth Fieldwork 7Plymouth Fieldwork 8Plymouth Fieldwork 9












Mid-Term Review Advanced Training Course 6 at NIB, Slovenia, September 2015

The below photos are from the Interfaces Mid-Term Review and Advanced Training Course 6 on Qualitative and Quantitative Molecular Techniques, which took place on 8-10 September 2015. Click on any of the photos for a larger version.

Group photoBoat trip lunchPiranATC Boat trip











Advanced Training Course in Catalonia, June 2015

The project's longest ATC took place over 9 days at the sites of our Catalonian partners, including the brand new, state-of-the-art Urban River Lab. The Interfaces researchers also collaborated with scientist from the Leverhulme Trust-funded project "Where Rivers, Groundwater and Disciplines Meet: A Hyporheic Research Network".

Photos below ©Amaia Marruedo

Catalonian ATC 13Catalonian ATC 14Catalonian ATC 15Catalonian ATC 16Catalonian ATC 17Catalonian ATC 18Catalonian ATC 20Catalonian ATC 21














Photos below ©Karlie McDonald

Catalonian ATC 01Catalonian ATC 09Catalonian ATC 10Catalonian ATC 02Catalonian ATC 03Catalonian ATC 04Catalonian ATC 05Catalonian ATC 06Catalonian ATC 07Catalonian ATC 08Catalonian ATC 11Experiments at URL 5Viktor fieldwork 06















Fieldwork in Slovenia, February 2015

All photos were taken by Karlie McDonald (ER2) in February 2015, while on fieldwork during a secondment to NIB in Slovenia. Click on any of the pictures to view a larger version.

©Karlie McDonald

Fieldwork 1Fieldwork 2Fieldwork 5Fieldwork 4

Fieldwork 3

Fieldwork 6

Fieldwork 7










Interfaces Summer School July 2014

These photos were taken at the Summer School held at IGB in Berlin, Germany, from 30 June to 4 July 2014. Click on any of the pictures to view a larger version.

All photos are ©Joerg Lewandowski from IGB. 

 The Summer School audienceDemonstration at Summer SchoolEugenia Marti lecturingEugenia Marti's lectureSummer School socializingKarlie McDonald and Paul Romeijn from UoBFibre Optic Sensing demonstrationFibre Optic Sensing Demonstration 2Athena Chalari and Stefan KrauseIGB GroundsStudent line-up at the harbourScott Larned's lecture