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A novel approach to asssess biotic oxygen consumption in marine sediment communities - Viktor Baranov

Bioirrigation impacts on sediment respiration and microbial metabolic activity - Viktor Baranov

Chironomidae larvae role in nutrient cycling in freshwater ecosystems - Viktor Baranov

In Situ Hypotheic Oxygen Dynamics during Drought Revealed by Novel Optical Sensing Technology - Tanja Brandt

A New Optical Oxygen Sensor for Monitoring Spatio-Temporal Oxygen Dynamic at Highly Reative Aquatic Interfaces - Tanja Brandt

A New Optical Sensor Reveals Spatial and Temporal Variations of DIssolved Oxygen at Ecohydrological Interfaces - Tanja Brandt

Drought drives DOM reactivity in intermittent streams - Astrid Harjung

In-situ monitoring of CO2 in an intermittent stream - Astrid Harjung

Change in DOM quantity and quality in hyporheic zone during drought - Astrid Harjung

Drought drives DOM reactivity at the terrestrial-aquatic interface - Astrid Harjung