ER1: FO-DTS and FO-iDAS for distributed heat and acoustic tracing

Research Fellow: Francesco Ciocca, Silixa (UK)


ER1 will play a key role in the application of FO-DTS & IDAS techniques and software development to integrate the capacity of current environmental sensor networks, trace exchange fluxes across ecohydrological interfaces and understand the scale-dependent processes and mechanisms that lead to the development of bioreactive hot spots and hot moments at ecohydrological interfaces.

Tasks and methodology

ER1 will collaborate with ESR 1 (IGB) and ESR 2 (CRP) to integrate FO-DTS technologies with larger scale (remotely sensed Thermal Infrared) and smaller scale (Heat Pulse Sensing) temperature tracing technologies. ER1 will actively participate in the delivery of ATC2 and INTERFACES joint field experiment (together with ER4) which will provide highly valuable professional training for ER1. ER1 will gain significant experience in cutting-edge technology and will be actively involved in the development of heat and acoustic tracing analysis and software.


  • Michael Mondanos, Athena Chalari (Silixa)
  • Co-Supervisor: Stefan Krause (University of Birmingham)

Video Introduction

Watch this short video of ER1 Francesco Ciocca introducing himself and talking about his Interfaces project: